Sunday, August 21, 2005

Wow, It's Really Quiet

Like most weekends of this offseason, it's been quiet. Not a single signing since Friday. I expect things to pick up a little tomorrow. Corey Schwab has retired due to a groin injury. He played last season in New Jersey, and he played in Toronto a few years ago.

The Flames and Islanders are apparently still in discussion about a deal that would send Lydman to NYI in exchange for Mark Parrish. This would be a deal that would help both clubs. Tomorrow morning I am expecting to get some brand new rumours from a good source, so stay tuned for tomorrow mornings update.

Some site news. First, the second fantasy hockey league is up. All who emailed me to get into the second one, have been emailed with the new information. Due to yahoo rules, I have to be in both leagues. I will open the second league up to everyone later in the week. For now, if you did not get into the first fantasy league and would like in the second one, please email me at I am thinking of starting a paypal league, where the pool would cost say 5 or 10 dollars, and the winner of the league would take all. Please leave comments or emails if you are interested in doing something like this. Also, if you would like the blog delivered to your email, sign up in the google groups bar at the bottom. Our mailing list has now topped 100 members! Thats really all I have for now, see you all in the morning!