Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lots Of Stuff Tonight

This could be a long update. First, lets get to some signings. Vancouver did sign Anson Carter to a one year deal. Josef Stumpel shocked a lot of people, and signed with Florida today. It's a two year deal worth 1.75 million a season. Travis Green signed a two year deal with the Bruins.

Though I have heard there is no truth to this rumour, I feel the need to post it anyways. Vancouver would send Jovo, Dan Cloutier and Ryan Kesler to Florida for Luongo and Bouwmeester. Mike Van Ryn has also been rumoured to go to Vancouver as part of this deal. Florida would be getting ripped off in my opinion, and I really don't see this deal happening.

The Wade Redden rumours have heated up. Apparently three teams have added packages to Ottawa for the Defenseman. Rumours have LA offering Visnovsky, Detroit offering Datsyuk and Florida offering Van Ryn. Additional players and picks are also part of each offer.

Selanne and Bondra still linked to Atlanta. Ronning is another name linked to the Thrashers. There is a rumour floating around that the Flames could deal Lydman to the Islanders in exchange for Mark Parrish. Toronto has shown interest in Bondra, though they are are fourth on his list at best. Scott Stevens and Al MacInnis could both play starting in October. It will be interesting to see where they end up.

The deadline for ESPN to match the cable offer is midnight. All signs point to ESPN matching the offer