Thursday, August 25, 2005

Site Update + 1 signing + some rumours

Well, not much in the hockey world to talk about, so I have decided to discuss the site. First, my power rankings will be up tomorrow night, as they are done, but I am waiting on Luongo's arbitration results before I post them.

Everyone that has emailed me asking to get into the second fantasy league should have recieved an invite. If not please email me and I'll send you another one. There are still 1 or 2 spots (if all invitee's join) so if you want in this may be your last chance! It's in the works. If that does happen, expect work on a new webpage to start right away. We will have a brand new interactive site, complete with forums, chat room, scores, standings, articles, power rankings, and much more! If you are interested in joining the hockeyleaks team, email me and we will definatly consider you, as we will need people to help write for us. With all this new things will come a price tag, and I have no problem putting some money into this site. If any of you are interested in donating to us, feel free to send a dollar or two through pay pal to Even a dollar from a few people would really help us out. Hopefully the .com will be ready for tomorrow, I've already put the money out for it, and have been told it would be ready in 4-8 hours. The web page will follow within the next week or so, but the webspace could be expensive, so any donation of even a dollar would be greatly appreciated. Don't worry, even with the end of the offseason, this place will still be updated daily, with new things to do every week. A more in depth fantasy league is also in the works.

Only one signing to tell you about. Andreas Lilja, who played for Florida last season, has signed a one year deal in Detroit. Detroit still has a lot of cap work to figure out, and I would be shocked if one of Zetterberg or Datsyuk was not traded. Few rumours. Brian Holzinger is apparenly speaking to the Blues and Sharks. New Jersey is around 44 million dollars, at 21 players, meaning they still need two more. Paul Martin and Ari Ahonen are two RFAs they will likely sign to bring them to 23, but they will add another million, putting them at just under 45 million dollars. If Madden is dealt, that brings them to just over 41, so look for a few bigger named players to leave Jersey. Matvichuck and Langdenbruner are two other names I've heard. Just think if Stevens and Albelin come back, so far, New Jersey wings the worst cap situation award. Don't worry, Detroit, Dallas and Anahiem are all not far behind. Colorado has 25 players, with a total salary of 38.3 million. They'll be dealing a defenseman which will put them a few mil under the cap. Rumours of Zetterberg and Witt to Toronto continue to circulate. Thats all for tonight, check tomorrow, maybe you'll find us? Maybe not though, haha, I'm a little new at this domain game, but hopefully things work out!