Monday, August 29, 2005

Small Update

The Pittsburgh Penguins have decided to accept Dick Tarnstrom's arbitration. This means Tarnstrom will play for the Pens this year for 1.6 million.

So far we are 0/3 on those weekend trade rumours we have heard. I am still not giving up on the Edmonton/New Jersey deal as I strongly believe there is something there. I am throwing out the Brad Richards to Montreal rumour, and the Zetterberg to Toronto rumour will continue, but until I get anything solid on it, I will stress that it is just a rumour, probably with very little fact to it. Trades are coming, I have no doubt, and there will be many more rumours like these one's I'm sure in the next two weeks.

I encourage you all to check out our affiliates section, as we have a couple new additions to it. If you want your site listed here for free, simply email me at Please also check out the hockey auctions, so far we've made around 10 bucks, which is definatly a start, but we continue to need your support. The site buiding for the new site is underway, and we hope to have things ready for around the start of training camp. I am also reminding everyone that the two fantasy league live drafts are this Thursday (league 1) and Friday (league 2) at 11:30 PM EST. If you are unable to draft, picks will automatically made for you. I will not be around tonight, as I will be in Toronto. If anything does break, I will try to get someone to send out an email to all those on the mailing list. If you want to join the free mailing list scroll down to the bottom of the blog and enter your email address into the google groups bar! Thats all for now, hopefully we get some news soon! Remember to keep checking the forums for all the latest