Thursday, August 11, 2005

Nothing At All...

So I watched the Lindros Press Conference while wearing my custom made NYR 3rd Jersey with Lindros on it. Happy moment for a Leaf fan like myself, I really do see him being a good addition to Toronto. Anson Carter may sign tomorrow in Toronto, while another defenseman is definatly being looked at as well. A left winger is needed, with the top two on the market being LeClair and Bondra. Maybe Leclair would like to reunite with the Big E?

Valerie Bure is rumoured to be signing with the Kings tomorrow. Bondra is also a name rumoured to go there. ESPN is expected to match Comcast's TV offer, making ESPN the home of the NHL in the US for the next few years. I think ESPN is better for the coverage from an American's view, but from a Canadians view I was hoping to be able to catch two more NHL games a week on OLN. Luongo has been taken to arbitration by the Panthers, who will sign Mogilny eventually I have been told. I am predicting Luongo recieves 6 million. Korlyuk is the other player taken to arbitration. He'll get 1.5 million from San Jose, which will be high for him considering guys like Lindros and O'Neil signed for that. He's a fast player who will benefit from the new rules.

Thats all for tonight. I will be away for most of tomorrow, but Yick will be around to post some blogs. I don't expect much to happen tomorrow, but you never know.