Monday, August 22, 2005

Selanne A Duck

Teemu Selanne has signed with the Anahiem Mighty Ducks. This now puts Anahiem in the group of teams who are either right around the cap or over the cap. I expect Anahiem to make a trade (Sykora's name is coming up a lot now) over the next few weeks. Note : Just got word that Selanne's deal is only worth 1.64 million. With Selanne gone, Bondra is the only real big UFA left. He should go soon.

According to Eklund, Ottawa and Florida are really deep in discussions in a trade that could possibly send Redden to Florida. I don't know who would go in return, but Bouwmeester would make sense as he wants a bigger deal. However, the problem with that is, Ottawa is dealing Redden to make more cap room, while Bouwmeester would take just as much up. This could be interesting.

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