Friday, August 26, 2005

Hello Hockey World!

First, is back up and running, hopefully that will solve the log in problem at the forums. I also encourage you all to check out our new hockey auctions feature. Remember, all money gained from any hockey related item will go to building the new web site.

Ok, rumour time. Scott Stevens may be coming back after all. The New York Post is saying Stevens is leaning towards returning to the Devils. That would put them in Cap Hell for sure right? Well, remember that three way deal I mentioned yesterday involving New Jersey, Florida and Vancouver? Well we finally have some names to throw in this rumour. Florida would get Jovonovski, Cloutier, Langdenbruner and Friesen. Vancouver would get Luongo and Brylin, and New Jersey would get three high draft picks, two coming from Florida, one from Vancouver. Obviously this is a doubtful deal, but if it went down it would be one of the biggest in NHL history for sure.

New Jersey has entered the Peter Bondra sweepstakes apparently, so yes, unless that deal does happen, NJ definatly doesn't realize the NHL has a salary cap. Atlanta, Philly and Washington are all still after Bondra as well. Niklas Kronvall has re-signed in Detroit. Two year deal worth 1 million a season. Jason York could sign with Ottawa. They are looking at a cheap replacement for Greg De Vries. Nashville is interested in Ottawa's Brian Smolinski. Nashville lacks centres, and still needs a #1 centre to play with Paul Kariya. Boston is looking at tough guy Peter Worrell.

Thats all for now, expect my power rankings to be up later on tonight. I also expect teams like New Jersey and Pittsburgh to start making deals very soon, as both have several players to unload. Toronto is still shopping for a left winger, and Boston is still shopping Hal Gill. Detroit still needs to get Datsyuk and Zetterberg figured out, and Luongo has to be dealt with. Witt is still demanding a trade, and Atlanta is still looking for another goalie. Still lots of work to do around the NHL, and training camp is only two weeks away.