Tuesday, August 23, 2005


From Eklund : Hossa and a top four defenseman (likely Phillips) to Atlanta for Dany Heatley! This is huge, and will be announced very soon according to the big E (not Eric, but Eklund!)

Hossa did sign a new deal today, three years at 6 million a season. Pasi Nurminon has retired due to a knee injury, making Lehtonen the #1 goalie in Atlanta.

Patrick Elias has signed a deal with the Devils worth around 4 million a season. This puts the Devils close to 43 Million. They need to make a deal, and Madden could be the first one to go.

The Phoenix Coyotes are said to be announcing a signing today. At this point we are unsure who that signing will be. Zetterberg to Toronto rumours have picked up. Alexander Steen is said to be involved in this possible deal. This is all for now, more to come later, what a huge trade that would be for both Atlanta and Ottawa...it makes a lot of sense, but now Ottawa would have to work out a new deal with Heatley. As a Toronto fan, I'm not liking Ottawa getting Heatley...