Monday, August 22, 2005

Once Again, Not Much

Sorry, I was expecting to hear from a good source in time for this blog, but I havn't, so I'll go with what I have. Stéphane Quintal has retired. Kind of surprising, as I am sure atleast one team in the league would have had some interest in the defenseman. According to, the Vancouver Canucks have interest in defenseman Murray Baron.

Pierre Hedin has rejected the Leafs latest offer, and signed in Russia. This news comes from It is the only source I've seen it on, so it may or may not be 100% accurate. Also, apparently Felix Potvin still wants to remain the NHL. A team like LA could use him, or any other goalie on the market. Colorado is still seeking someone to backup/split time with their #1 as well.

I really expect a lot of RFA shopping to begin. I was looking at the compensation for RFA's, and anything between 1-2 million is only a second round choice. Technically, a team may be able to get a guy like Zetterberg, Bryan Allen, Dick Tarnstrom, Ryan Malone, or Nick Boynton for a second round pick or even less. With training camp only weeks away, I expect atleast anywhere from 2-5 RFA's to get scooped up by other teams in the next week. We may also see some sign and trades with some of the bigger RFAs. Thats all I have for now, expect another update later in the day with more information. Lets hope things pick up