Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Late Night Update

Nothing really to report, I just got back from Toronto. I did recieve an email that said the Canadiens' are not showing Theodore the attention he deserves, which has led to some speculation that he could be traded. I'm not trying to start trade rumours, but there are definatly a few teams that would love to get a guy like Theodore or Luongo, and have some younger players that could be dealt due to cap problems. A team like Detroit could package a Zetterberg or Datsyuk along with Osgood or Legace. Tampa Bay could potentially deal Brad Richards and John Graham. What about Colorado sending Tanguay and Abeisher for a goalie? These two goalies are two NHL franchise goalies, and I think if they are on the market, these are the types of offers you are going to see. Teams like Colorado, Detroit and Tampa Bay are weak in net, and are in cap trouble. A team like Colorado, an offensive powerhouse, could afford to lose a guy like Tanguay if they were to get an elite goalie in return.

I get many emails telling me rumours, and I post as many as I can. This is one I recieved tonight that I do not believe at all, but you know me, I always like to throw things out there. That is why you people read the blog, you want the rumours. If I was Eklund, I'd give this an E1, but since I'm not, I'll say take this with the smallest grain of salt. The rumoured trade would be a three way deal between Toronto, Detroit and Washington. Toronto would get Zetterberg and Witt. Detroit would get Kolzig, Pilar and a 1st Round Pick. Washington would get Antropov, Legace, and Ken Klee. This deal is almost believable, but that 1st round pick ruins it. Toronto is giving up Klee, Pilar and Antropov, so they will definatly not be throwing in a 1st rounder. Washington is rebuilding and giving away Witt and Kolzig, so they won't be giving up a 1st rounder. This is why this rumour will not get any more attention from me.

Welcome to Jordan, another new writer for Hockey Leaks. Many more writers will be introduced in the next few days and weeks. A lot of people have emailed me asking if they could write for us, and I always reply with the following : "could you please write me an article on any topic of your choice that is somehow hockey related. No rush, just try to send it to me in the next week or so.". So to save both myself and yourself time, follow those instructions if you wish to become a writer here. Please email everything to hockeyleaks@hotmail.com. A third fantasy league is going to be set up. If you did not get in league one or league two, please email us, and I'll email you the information. That league may not be set up until Thursday, so if you don't recieve an invite in the next few days, don't panic, it's coming. A third league was necessary because of the 100+ forum members that have joined in the last 72 hours. Thanks to everyone, we're really doing great. I also don't want you to panic (because I know you will :P). Once the season starts, and the rumour mill will dry up, we will still be around. Current plans include forums for the fantasy league, so you can make trades easier. Morning emails sent around 10:30 am EST each morning recapping last nights games. Fantasy Fix, which will weekly tell you who you should buy and sell in your fantasy leagues. Who's Hot and Who's Not lists, and tens and tens of weekly articles written by hockey fans from around the world. This is just the beginning, I can't wait!