Friday, August 19, 2005

Hello Everyone!

Not too much to talk about today. First, I want to thank everyone who has made this blog what it is. I started it not knowing how well it would do, or how many people would come to it. Now, every rumours site I go on, there are references to our blog and our rumours, and I want to thank all of you for putting our name out there.

Jason Allison signed an Incentive based deal with the Leafs, we all know that. Finally, we know how he can make his full 4.5 million dollars. If Allison scored 70 points, he gets an extra million. If Allison plays 35 games, he gets 222 000. From then on, for each 5 games he plays, he gets another 222 000. This goes right up to 70 games played, where he will earn a total of 2 million. So Allison could make 4.5 million this season, and the Leafs are using this money against their cap. So really, unless making a trade, the Leafs don't have that much money to spend.

Florida, Washington, Philly and Atlanta are all in the Bondra sweepstakes. Don't count surprise offers from San Jose or Phoenix out either. I really believe Selanne will end up in Montreal. As I reported last week, it appears the Coyotes are interested in moving Nagy. Vinny Damphousse could end up in Pittsburgh. Another Toronto trade rumour to report, with this one actually making a little sense to me, as it would help both clubs needs and is almost equal in Cap Value. Toronto would deal Tellqvist, McCabe, Wellwood and a draft pick (likely 1st, maybe 2nd) to Colorado in exchange for Tanguay, Liles and Svatos. Colorado would add the backup goalie they were seekings, as well as some more depth on the blueline, which they are also seeking. Toronto would get some youth, plus the Left Winger they desperatly need. The Brenden Witt trade would also make more sense if this deal went through. Leafs also interested in Drury from Buffalo if the Colorado deal doesnt happen. Again, not that reliable of a source on today's new Leaf rumours, but I figured I'd post them just to get the Leaf Nation excited.

Reports are coming out saying OLN in Canada will not be allowed to broadcast NHL games. Apparently TSN, Sportsnet and CBC would make sure the Canadian version of OLN would not be allowed to broadcast games. This kind of thing just hurts the NHL, and I hope OLN Canada gets NHL games.

Finally, our Fantasy Hockey league has begun. For all information please check out the Off Topic forum. I will be at a wedding tonight, so please check the forums for all the up-to-minute updates. We have great forum members that post all the latest news as it happens, making my life much easier!