Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Quick Update

After a day where I bought a signed Coliacavo hockey puck (no, you won't see this on Hockey Auctions), and enjoying a Jays game where they got pounded, I am left with a horrible migrane, so I will keep this very short.

Ovechkin has signed with Washington. Three yeal deal, this means he will play in the NHL this season. Messier is expected to make his decision about his future in the next week or so. Bondra is still likely to Washington, but has anyone gone where they were suppose to? Kovalev, a for sure Pen, is still a Hab. Foote, a for sure Maple Leaf, went to Columbus. Don't forget Kariya, who was suppose to go anywhere but Nashville, and look what happens. I have a feeling Toronto or Boston jump into this and make things interesting.

Third fantasy hockey league is up. if you want in. All invitations for those who already emailed have been sent out. If you didn't get one, re-email me. See you in the morning, I really need to sleep.

Things About To Explode?

With a few 1st liners still on the UFA market, and tens of players who are 2nd-4th liners still available, there will be more signings. Bondra is the best of the best left, and he is expected to go to Washington. Apparently Washington has offered him a one year deal worth 1.5 million, and if that isn't matched by Friday, he'll return to the Capitals. I'm sure teams like Philly, New Jersey, and Toronto (Atlanta is now out of the race as they are running out of cap room pretty quickly) could match that offer, and even add another year onto it, but at this point it is believed Bondra's preference is to return to Washington.

Training camp is about two weeks away, and you have to figure most teams would like to have their rosters set by then. This means in two weeks, 10-15 more UFA's have to sign, and 3-5 trades have to be made. This means we should be in for a very exciting couple of weeks.

Karel Pilar is expected to miss 2-3 months with a heart condition. This condition forced him to miss quite a bit of time a few years ago. This leaves Carlo Coliacavo with the 6th spot on the Leaf's defense depth chart, which is great news for Leaf fans, this kid needs to play.

Lots of new articles are up in the Hockey Opinions section, so check them out. Also, for those who read Eklund's blog, he contacted me this morning and said that he really enjoyed this blog, and that he can't wait for our new site. Don't be surprised if you see myself and Ek working on something together soon ;). Have a good day everyone, I'll be in Toronto for most of the day, but Ryan and Yick will be around if anything happens.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Trade Magic

While I was at my "other job" tonight, I made a list of players on the trading block. The players that I will mention later on are not definatly going to be traded, and I'm sure 95% of them won't, but these are players that could easily be moved if the right offer came along. Before I get to the players on the trading block, I want to show two trade rumours I've been emailed. These are rumours and should be taken with less than a grain of salt. However, the first one did pop up on the score television station's ticker, but has since been pulled. It is identical to the three way deal involving Toronto,Washington and Detroit, except Detroit would now recieve a third round pick instead of a first. I said the original rumour was fake because of the 1st round pick, but a third round pick makes it a little more believable. Detroit still can't afford Kolzig's contract, so I still don't believe it. The second trade came from a reader, who wanted to know if there was any truth to it. I will definatly look into it. Here is how the trade looked.

Vancouver: Luke Richardson, Marc Denis, Nikolai Antropov
Columbus: Dan Cloutier, Ed Jovanovski
Toronto: Matt Cooke, 2nd round pick from Columbus

I want to know how Toronto would get Matt Cooke AND a 2nd round pick just for giving up Antropov the Pylon. But Oh well, it's a rumour, so don't take it too seriously at this point. In real news, Hal Gill has re-signed in Boston. He still makes my trade rumour list though. I want to also introcude TMcCoy, our newest hockey writer. Lots more to announce over the next few days. Now, onto my trade talk...

The free agent frenzy is dying, there is not much left. There are however dozen and dozens of players available for trade, and some damn good ones. Teams looking for forwards have lots to choose from. Kovalchuk is the biggest name on my list, but he's not the only one. Friesen, Tanguay, Kozlov, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Antropov, Guerin, Richards, Malone, Sykora, Nagy, Drury, Smolinski, Huselius, Smyth, Cooke, Ryder, Langdenbruner, Parrish, Morozov, Handzus and Gagne could all be moved if the right deal was offered. Defensive help? No problem. White, Klee, Witt, Kaberle, Kronvall, Tarnstrom, Bouwmeister, Boughner, Liles, Richardson, McKee, Gill, Kubina, Jovanovski, and Miller are all available if you're willing to sacrifice a draft pick or prospect or two. What about goalies? Teams like Detroit and Colorado are begging for a #1. Kolzig, Belfour, Luongo, Theodore, Aebeshier, Denis, Biron and Cloutier could all be bought for a decent return. Those are some huge names, and I guarentee atleast 3-5 of those names will dealt, maybe more. The free agent frenzy was fun, but the trade frenzy could be better.

Remember, for all fantasy league and writing inquiries. Feel free to email me to ask questions about rumours, I'd be happy to answer. See you in the morning

a few small notes...

just some small notes to pass on...

the islanders sign their 2003, first round pick, robert nilsson, to a 3 year, entry level deal...nilsson is the son of former nhl player kent nilsson, who had 264 goals and 686 points in 553 career games with the flames, north stars, and oilers...

while we're talking about former players sons, the oilers acquired the son, of hall of famer peter stasny, yan stasny, in a deal with the boston bruins... edmonton sent a fourth rounder in return...stasny was then signed to a 2 year deal...

the capitals signed defenseman bryan muir, whom they acquired earlier this month, in a deal with the kings...

and, reportedly, pavel datysuk has rejected the latest offer from the red wings, which is a huge blow for them...detroit has offered a 5 year deal, while datysuk wants less. if no contract is signed soon, it is believed datysuk will play in russia this year.

also, a we have opened a fantasy football league, to go with our fantasy hockey.
if your interested in fantasy football, see the thread on the forums for details
if your interested in fantasy hockey, email cj, at

and roger federer won, peerless price was released, and um, yeah... its just that slow of a day...

Slow, Slow, Slow

Only thing to pass on is that it does not look like Al MacInnis will return. It is possible, but at this point it is not looking likely.

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Late Night Update

Nothing really to report, I just got back from Toronto. I did recieve an email that said the Canadiens' are not showing Theodore the attention he deserves, which has led to some speculation that he could be traded. I'm not trying to start trade rumours, but there are definatly a few teams that would love to get a guy like Theodore or Luongo, and have some younger players that could be dealt due to cap problems. A team like Detroit could package a Zetterberg or Datsyuk along with Osgood or Legace. Tampa Bay could potentially deal Brad Richards and John Graham. What about Colorado sending Tanguay and Abeisher for a goalie? These two goalies are two NHL franchise goalies, and I think if they are on the market, these are the types of offers you are going to see. Teams like Colorado, Detroit and Tampa Bay are weak in net, and are in cap trouble. A team like Colorado, an offensive powerhouse, could afford to lose a guy like Tanguay if they were to get an elite goalie in return.

I get many emails telling me rumours, and I post as many as I can. This is one I recieved tonight that I do not believe at all, but you know me, I always like to throw things out there. That is why you people read the blog, you want the rumours. If I was Eklund, I'd give this an E1, but since I'm not, I'll say take this with the smallest grain of salt. The rumoured trade would be a three way deal between Toronto, Detroit and Washington. Toronto would get Zetterberg and Witt. Detroit would get Kolzig, Pilar and a 1st Round Pick. Washington would get Antropov, Legace, and Ken Klee. This deal is almost believable, but that 1st round pick ruins it. Toronto is giving up Klee, Pilar and Antropov, so they will definatly not be throwing in a 1st rounder. Washington is rebuilding and giving away Witt and Kolzig, so they won't be giving up a 1st rounder. This is why this rumour will not get any more attention from me.

Welcome to Jordan, another new writer for Hockey Leaks. Many more writers will be introduced in the next few days and weeks. A lot of people have emailed me asking if they could write for us, and I always reply with the following : "could you please write me an article on any topic of your choice that is somehow hockey related. No rush, just try to send it to me in the next week or so.". So to save both myself and yourself time, follow those instructions if you wish to become a writer here. Please email everything to A third fantasy league is going to be set up. If you did not get in league one or league two, please email us, and I'll email you the information. That league may not be set up until Thursday, so if you don't recieve an invite in the next few days, don't panic, it's coming. A third league was necessary because of the 100+ forum members that have joined in the last 72 hours. Thanks to everyone, we're really doing great. I also don't want you to panic (because I know you will :P). Once the season starts, and the rumour mill will dry up, we will still be around. Current plans include forums for the fantasy league, so you can make trades easier. Morning emails sent around 10:30 am EST each morning recapping last nights games. Fantasy Fix, which will weekly tell you who you should buy and sell in your fantasy leagues. Who's Hot and Who's Not lists, and tens and tens of weekly articles written by hockey fans from around the world. This is just the beginning, I can't wait!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Small Update

The Pittsburgh Penguins have decided to accept Dick Tarnstrom's arbitration. This means Tarnstrom will play for the Pens this year for 1.6 million.

So far we are 0/3 on those weekend trade rumours we have heard. I am still not giving up on the Edmonton/New Jersey deal as I strongly believe there is something there. I am throwing out the Brad Richards to Montreal rumour, and the Zetterberg to Toronto rumour will continue, but until I get anything solid on it, I will stress that it is just a rumour, probably with very little fact to it. Trades are coming, I have no doubt, and there will be many more rumours like these one's I'm sure in the next two weeks.

I encourage you all to check out our affiliates section, as we have a couple new additions to it. If you want your site listed here for free, simply email me at Please also check out the hockey auctions, so far we've made around 10 bucks, which is definatly a start, but we continue to need your support. The site buiding for the new site is underway, and we hope to have things ready for around the start of training camp. I am also reminding everyone that the two fantasy league live drafts are this Thursday (league 1) and Friday (league 2) at 11:30 PM EST. If you are unable to draft, picks will automatically made for you. I will not be around tonight, as I will be in Toronto. If anything does break, I will try to get someone to send out an email to all those on the mailing list. If you want to join the free mailing list scroll down to the bottom of the blog and enter your email address into the google groups bar! Thats all for now, hopefully we get some news soon! Remember to keep checking the forums for all the latest

Nothing This Morning

Well what could be a very busy day, has been slow. No trade announcements yet, which makes me wonder if any will happen. The Shadow has this to say about the Zetterberg trade when I talked to him earlier: "I talked to Ken Holland and he said he wouldn't trade Zetterberg. Would a GM lie?". Well we all know that GM's always are lying, but you never know. If the Edmonton/New Jersey trade was true, I would think we'd hear about it in the next hour or so. NJ is still in the Bondra hunt, but i don't expect them to win. Philly and Washingt0n are the two front-runners, and I believe Washington will win.

The Rangers have signed Michal Rozsival. No terms of the deal are out yet. Brad Brown has had talks with the Toronto Maple Leafs. I recieved an email from a reader this morning that said he talked to Steve Thomas at the CNE yesterday, and Thomas told him he has had talks with Toronto and he felt things were close. Toronto is in need of atleast one LW, maybe two.

That is all for now. I am currently not at home, and havn't been for the last 24 hours, so I am away from some of my sources. I will post a blog later, hopefully with a few more rumours and a few news stories to pass along. I also want to wish everyone living in New Orleans and Mississippi, and everyone else dealing with the Hurricane the best of luck.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Today Nothing, Tomorrow Is Another Story

Well not much happened this weekend. A slow weekend during this offseason? Nothing new there. I don't even have any really good new rumours or updates to pass along tonight.

Sportstalk in Vancouver continues to speak about a deal between Florida and Vancouver. Florida would recieve Jovo, Cooke, Cloutier and a 1st round pick. Vancouver would Luongo and Bouwmeister. I don't believe this rumour, but I felt I should post it anyways, because in this new NHL, you never know.

Tomorrow could be busy. The Edmonton/New Jersey and Montreal/Tampa Bay trade rumours had them being announced tomorrow, so that could be interesting. We will finally know the truth about Brad Richards, and I have a feeling he'll be staying in Tampa. The Toronto/Detroit trade continues to be interesting, and maybe it will be announced as well. Tomorrow will be interesting, stay tuned...

Edmonton Swinging A Deal?

I just recieved an email from a Global News employee in Edmonton that the Edmonton Oilers have a news conference set for tomorrow, where they will announce the aquiring of Colin White and Viktor Kozlov from New Jersey. Jani Rita or Cory Cross is going to New Jersey, but not both. This was not part of the email, but I expect a draft pick of some sort to go to New Jersey as well. This information is not confirmed, but it makes a lot of sense. Stay Tuned...

Things About To Heat Up...

First, I am downgrading both the Detroit/Toronto rumours and the Montreal/Tampa Bay rumours. I havn't heard anything about the Detroit/Toronto one at all since Friday, and I havn't heard anything positive about the Montreal/Tampa Bay rumour since early yesterday. I'm not saying both won't be announced on Monday, I'm just saying I don't know how credible either rumour is, but I am looking into it. Update : While writing this blog, I came across a swedish article that states Zetterberg is likely to come to Toronto.,2789,681819,00.html for thos who know swedish.

The Thrashers are shopping for another goalie. The likely choices would be unsigned UFA goalies like Potvin, Irbe or Shields. They could go the trade route as well, as Buffalo and Columbus all have three goalies and wouldn't mind trading one, but may be asking more from Atlanta than they want to give. The Pens have until Monday to decide if they want to keep Tarnstrom or not. Apparently the Pens are leaning towards letting him walk, or dealing him elsewhere.

According to Steve Simmons, a Toronto sports writer, Toronto offered Antropov for Witt, but Washington wants more. If the Detroit deal goes through, Toronto would stop going for Witt, as the Leafs at this point would prefer Kronvall. Florida is apparently interested in Kozlov, joining Edmonton as teams that are looking to land the centre. Thank you to Will Beckemeyer, who emailed me last night confirming that Al MacInnis will meet with the Blues on Monday to determine if he will return. We should hear an official announcement this week.

Thanks to all who joined the forums last night, 15 more joined since the last blog! Remember, the new site is coming, and could come sooner rather than later. If you would like to write for the new site, please email me at Remember to check out our new section, Hockey Auctions, where you can bid on hockey-related items. All money raised on hockey related items will go to building the new website! More to come later

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Silent Night...

Well it's been quiet tonight so far. The Richards to Montreal deal hasn't been confirmed by anyone yet, and I still havn't heard back from a source involving the Toronto/Detroit deal. I am hearing that Richards to Montreal is actually quite likely, but I am not believing it until I get something more solid. I'd put it at about 70% right now.

Dick Tarnstrom's arbitration hearing was today, and if the Pens don't like it, they could move him. This is according to Still no resolution in the Luongo situation. Can you imagine if Montreal got both Richards and Luongo? Stay tuned for that...

Thats all I have for now, which is a disapointing. I want to turn the attention to the site for just a second. First, thank you to all who have joined the forums today. A combination of some maple leafs forum member's joining, as well as being listed on, gave us almost 40 new forum members, which is great! Second, I want to introduce MrNiceGuy, who is our new co-Leaf's specialist. He will also write for the Hockey Opinions site, and will be one of our writers for the new site. If you want to write for us, or have any ideas for the new website, please email me at That is all for now, I'll see you all in the morning, unless something breaks in the next hour or so, then I'll post it.

Afternoon Update

Few interesting rumours involving Montreal I want to talk about. First, Jose Theodore wants a long term deal that could cost Montreal some money. This could add to the Theodore for Luongo rumours. The second rumour is a blockbuster. According to a CBC radio station out of Newfoundland, Tampa Bay has traded Brad Richards to Montreal in exchange for Micheal Ryder, Ron Hainsey and a 3rd Round Pick in 2006. The deal is expected to be announced Monday. Right now this is just a rumour, hopefully we will find more on it for tonights update, as well as the Toronto/Detroit rumoured trade. I have also learned that Ryan Smyth will not be traded.

We're Famous!

Well, not really, but for the first time I saw our name mentioned at They are using us as the source for that Toronto/Detroit rumour I posted last night. Adding to that rumour, I am also hearing Toronto would recieve a 3rd round pick in the deal as well, but I cannot guarentee that, right now that is just hearsay. I did email one of my insiders asking if he knew anything more on this deal, but no response yet. You can read what had to say here :

Pittsburgh has officially lost Milan Kraft, but not to another NHL team. He will play in europe this season. The Pens are still said to be shopping for a second line centre. Damphousse's name continues to be linked to the Pens. The Oilers are shopping Smyth, but not too much. They would prefer to keep him. Messier is still linked to Edmonton. One newspaper today speculated that Viktor Kozlov could be traded from New Jersey to Edmonton. With Philly after Bondra, Handzus to Edmonton talks could heat up again.

Eklund gives a 60% chance or so that Jeff Friesen will be dealt to Calgary. Calgary amazes me, which is why they are still #1 on the power rankings. Vancouver still the apparent front runner for Luongo, but I wouldn't count Colorado out. Maybe a deal like Tanguay and Aebisher for Bouwmeister and Luongo? Thats pure guessing, but Colorado does have the goods to trade, maybe even a Liles or Boughner added into that deal. Colorado does have a cap problem, and that type of move could free up a little room.

The weekends have been very slow in regards to NHL movement this offseason, and I don't expect that to change...but with only two weeks until training camp, and a lot of work to do by a lot of teams, maybe things will pick up. They have to eventually, I'd estimate at least 8-10 trades will have to be made before camp starts. Speaking of camp, I heard a rumour that Steve Thomas will be invited to the Leaf's camp and given a chance to make the team.

Thats all for now, I will be gone till later this afternoon, hopefully with some more on that Leafs/Wings deal. Fantasy League #2 is now full. A third one may be added that would have different rules, and would be open to everyone. If you are interested in writing for the new website, please send me an email at Feel free to send any rumours you here as well, and I'll give you credit on the blog. A source is always nice as well. Finally, remember to check out our hockey auctions. 100% of money made off all hockey related products will go to the development of the new website! Have a good day everyone.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Not Much Today

Well today has been slow, though I did just recieve some interesting. Apparently, and I cannot confirm this, but earlier tonight listed the following trade. They took it off after about 5 minutes.

To Toronto : Kronvall, Zetterberg
To Detroit : Coliacavo, Kaberle, Antropov

Like I said, I don't know how much truth this rumour has to it, but I thought I should pass it on.
UPDATE : Hockey Leaks' own Yick can confirm that sportsnet did have this deal on it's website earlier today.

Ilya Kovalchuk next to leave Atlanta? Not likely, but Atlanta definatly would be very close the cap with signing him. DiPietro is apparently also being shopped. New Jersey is likely so start shedding some salary starting early next week. Unfortunatly this is all I have for now, hopefully something happens later tonight, or early tomorrow.

Power Rankings for today are up in the Power Rankings forum. I also remind you to check out the Hockey auctions section. Remember, 100% of money made off hockey items goes into making the new site. ONE spot left to join the second fantasy leauge. Email me at if you want to join it, become a writer for the new site, or have any questions or comments about the site.

Hello Hockey World!

First, is back up and running, hopefully that will solve the log in problem at the forums. I also encourage you all to check out our new hockey auctions feature. Remember, all money gained from any hockey related item will go to building the new web site.

Ok, rumour time. Scott Stevens may be coming back after all. The New York Post is saying Stevens is leaning towards returning to the Devils. That would put them in Cap Hell for sure right? Well, remember that three way deal I mentioned yesterday involving New Jersey, Florida and Vancouver? Well we finally have some names to throw in this rumour. Florida would get Jovonovski, Cloutier, Langdenbruner and Friesen. Vancouver would get Luongo and Brylin, and New Jersey would get three high draft picks, two coming from Florida, one from Vancouver. Obviously this is a doubtful deal, but if it went down it would be one of the biggest in NHL history for sure.

New Jersey has entered the Peter Bondra sweepstakes apparently, so yes, unless that deal does happen, NJ definatly doesn't realize the NHL has a salary cap. Atlanta, Philly and Washington are all still after Bondra as well. Niklas Kronvall has re-signed in Detroit. Two year deal worth 1 million a season. Jason York could sign with Ottawa. They are looking at a cheap replacement for Greg De Vries. Nashville is interested in Ottawa's Brian Smolinski. Nashville lacks centres, and still needs a #1 centre to play with Paul Kariya. Boston is looking at tough guy Peter Worrell.

Thats all for now, expect my power rankings to be up later on tonight. I also expect teams like New Jersey and Pittsburgh to start making deals very soon, as both have several players to unload. Toronto is still shopping for a left winger, and Boston is still shopping Hal Gill. Detroit still needs to get Datsyuk and Zetterberg figured out, and Luongo has to be dealt with. Witt is still demanding a trade, and Atlanta is still looking for another goalie. Still lots of work to do around the NHL, and training camp is only two weeks away.

Domain Name Down...

Like I said before, I'm pretty new at this domain name stuff. The domain name was masked, but unfortunatly this caused a problem with forums, forcing you to re-login everytime you went to the forums. I have unmasked the domain, but it takes up to 24 hours to fix. So until then, please use the link to view the blog. I will let you know when the .com is back up. Should be ready to go by morning

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lets Make A Deal!

good evening everyone. Lydman was traded from Calgary today. He landed in Buffalo for a third round draft pick. Good move by the Sabres.

Tampa Bay is now apparently looking to make a trade. Richards is the name I have heard the most, but I don't expect that to happen. Look for someone like Prospal or Kubina to get dealt. I would put it at about 70% that Luongo gets traded by the time the season begins. Vancouver and Montreal are two teams I have heard that are interested.

So much for Dave Andreychuck retiring...he signed a new two year deal with Tampa Bay today. San Jose took another shot today, as Alex Korolyuk has decided to play in Russia this season.

Some website news. First, remember if you would like to write for the new hockey leaks website, email us. We have one or two sports left in the 2nd Fantasy League, so email me at if you want in. A new feature has been added to this blog to try and raise some money for the new site. A new side link, which links here : has been added under the title "Hockey Auctions". These are all current items I am selling on ebay. All money collected from hockey leaks related items will go to the development of the new hockeyleaks website. For those who missed it, we made our first step last night, and can now be found at Please check out the auctions and place a few bids! See you all in the morning.

Lots Of News! Some Very Interesting Rumours!

Good Morning everyone! May I be the first to introduce you to Yes, right now it is the same blog you've been visiting for the last month or so, but now we have a new address. The old address still works, so there is no need to edit your favorites, not yet anyways. A new site will hopefully be up sometime in early-mid September. I want to say thank you all of you that emailed and offered help and ideas last night. I haven't checked my mail this morning, but late last night I received several emails, including offers to host the server for free. But enough of the new site, we need some hockey news, and I have some very interesting news and rumours for you.

Apparently Roberto Luongo has lost his arbitration case. 1 year for 3.2 million. Roberto Luongo is now on the trade market, and it is very possible he will be traded.

The following rumours were put out by Eklund today. Ryan Smyth and a pick to Detroit for Zetterberg. Aaron Miller could go to Buffalo for Biron. Tony Lydman could go to LA as well, no word on who would go to Calgary. Also, New Jersey could be involved in a three way deal between Vancouver and Florida, but Ek did not mention any names involved. Bouwmeister would be my guess, maybe John Madden as well. Two last Ek rumours : Ducks have offered Damphousse a one year deal, and the most shocking rumour to come to me today so far : 40% chance of Patrick Roy returning to Montreal. Then where would Theodore go? NOTE : Ek has since said Roy has denied this rumour. Ek has also since said that Damphousse rejected the offer, so Ek is doing a lot of backtracking today. Remember, these are all Ek's rumours and not mine, so take them for what you will.

Back to some other rumours. Al MacInnis will apparently meet with the Blues next week to decide if he will return to the NHL. Apparently the Blues are the only team he wants to play for. Ryan Malone's days in Pittsburgh could be over, this coming a day after I said Kraft and Morozov are likely leaving. Sure Pittsburgh got a lot this offseason, but thats a lot to lose in those three players.

Finally, Trade Rumour Joke of the day. This rumour is so wacky it would never happen. The Leafs would send Sundin and a 1st rounder to Florida for Luongo and Bouwmeister. Then, Toronto would trade Belfour and a pick to Tampa for Richards. Then, Toronto would trade Ken Klee to Buffalo for one of their goalies. This comes to us from a Kitchener radio station. This will never, ever happen, but hey, did anyone predict Kariya going to Nashville or Pronger going to Edmonton? This Leaf dream will never happen, sorry Leaf fans

Site Update + 1 signing + some rumours

Well, not much in the hockey world to talk about, so I have decided to discuss the site. First, my power rankings will be up tomorrow night, as they are done, but I am waiting on Luongo's arbitration results before I post them.

Everyone that has emailed me asking to get into the second fantasy league should have recieved an invite. If not please email me and I'll send you another one. There are still 1 or 2 spots (if all invitee's join) so if you want in this may be your last chance! It's in the works. If that does happen, expect work on a new webpage to start right away. We will have a brand new interactive site, complete with forums, chat room, scores, standings, articles, power rankings, and much more! If you are interested in joining the hockeyleaks team, email me and we will definatly consider you, as we will need people to help write for us. With all this new things will come a price tag, and I have no problem putting some money into this site. If any of you are interested in donating to us, feel free to send a dollar or two through pay pal to Even a dollar from a few people would really help us out. Hopefully the .com will be ready for tomorrow, I've already put the money out for it, and have been told it would be ready in 4-8 hours. The web page will follow within the next week or so, but the webspace could be expensive, so any donation of even a dollar would be greatly appreciated. Don't worry, even with the end of the offseason, this place will still be updated daily, with new things to do every week. A more in depth fantasy league is also in the works.

Only one signing to tell you about. Andreas Lilja, who played for Florida last season, has signed a one year deal in Detroit. Detroit still has a lot of cap work to figure out, and I would be shocked if one of Zetterberg or Datsyuk was not traded. Few rumours. Brian Holzinger is apparenly speaking to the Blues and Sharks. New Jersey is around 44 million dollars, at 21 players, meaning they still need two more. Paul Martin and Ari Ahonen are two RFAs they will likely sign to bring them to 23, but they will add another million, putting them at just under 45 million dollars. If Madden is dealt, that brings them to just over 41, so look for a few bigger named players to leave Jersey. Matvichuck and Langdenbruner are two other names I've heard. Just think if Stevens and Albelin come back, so far, New Jersey wings the worst cap situation award. Don't worry, Detroit, Dallas and Anahiem are all not far behind. Colorado has 25 players, with a total salary of 38.3 million. They'll be dealing a defenseman which will put them a few mil under the cap. Rumours of Zetterberg and Witt to Toronto continue to circulate. Thats all for tonight, check tomorrow, maybe you'll find us? Maybe not though, haha, I'm a little new at this domain game, but hopefully things work out!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

St.Louis Remains A Bolt

According To Eklund, Martin St.Louis has signed a new deal. It is 6 years at 5.2 a season. Seems a little long to me, but it makes sense. Lightning will probably announce this in the next twenty four hours. UPDATE : speak of the devil, the tampa bay lighting's official website has made this deal official.

Todd Gill may be dealt from Boston before the start of training camp. Buffalo still has interest in Ken Klee.

Roberto Luongo turned down a 5 year / 25 million dollar offer today. This is more than he'll likely get from arbitration. Apparently Luongo wants out of Florida, and he wants out now. He is likely seeking a two year deal from anyone, as he would become a UFA at the end of the deal. Lots of teams will have interest in the goalie. We've heard the Luongo/Theodore rumours for a while now, now is the time to see if there is any truth to them.

I really want to start a good hockey leaks affiliate program. If you have a blog, website or anything you want advertised here, please email me at This is free of coarse, and you would get your URL on this site, which gets thousands of hits a day. Also, I welcome you all to check out our offtopic forum, as I have a link there showing a blog that uses our information, word for word. Quite funny when you read it, I noticed a lot of hockey leaks members have left the owner a few nice comments. Anyway, not much else now, expect an update later tonight, with the results of Luongo's arbitration.

Arbitration Awaits

Roberto Luongo will have his arbitration hearing today. There was a deadline of 5pm yesterday for Luongo to accept an offer that was a multi-year, and very generous according to the Panthers. The deadline passed, so now Luongo is off to arbitration. If things don't go Florida's way, Luongo could land somewhere else.

Milan Kraft and Alexei Morozov are not going to be resigned by Pittsburgh, and will be traded. Morozov scored 50 points in 75 games last season, and I don't understand why they no longer want him. They cant be asking much, and Morozov would be great for any team that could get him. Kraft, who had 40 points in 66 games would also be good for the team that could get him. Not sure why Pittsburgh is getting rid of them, especially with Malkin not likely to come to the NHL this season.

Phoenix is still looking for another defenseman, and Brendan Witt may be the one they are after. Matt Cooke may be traded, depending on how Ohlund does in salary arbitration. Czerkawski could soon become a ranger.

The second fantasy league is almost full, so if you want in, do so soon! Remember to email me at Also, I really want to know if you guys would like a chat room. I have had talks with someone about one, and I am still undecided if we really need one and would use one. All for now, more later

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What A Day!

Before I go back to the Heatley/Hossa deal, I have some news first. Anahiem continued to shed some cap space today, as they have traded Steve Rucchin to the New York Rangers for Trevor Gillies and a conditional pick in the 2007 draft. Good move for the Rangers, as they really need some talent on this team. The ducks will definatly miss Rucchin and Leclerc, but gaining Selanne and Niedermayer still make this team better. Phoenix will really like Leclerc. I think he could have a breakout season with the Yotes'.

Scott Stevens and Mark Messier apparently are both leaning towards retirement. I'd be surprised if either did, but apparently both are heavily considering it. It would definatly be the end of two hall of fame careers. Some may disagree with Stevens, but without him, you have to wonder if the Devils would have won their cups. Some sources are saying that Bondra is very close to signing a two year deal with Washington. I am hearing it will be around 2 million per season. Philly is still in the hunt. Atlanta not so much now, as of coarse they just got Hossa, who was quite expensive. I heard a Belfour to Atlanta trade today, with Toronto getting prospects in return. I dont see Belfour being traded, simply because the Leafs no longer need more money to grab UFAs, simply because there is none left. Another Toronto rumour has Langenbrunner coming in exchange for Antropov and a pick. This deal would actually make sense, as the Leafs need wingers, and he only makes 1.6 million. Not sure if New Jersey would make a trade with Toronto, but Jersey is in cap hell right now.

Ok, now for my opinion, and for those who are fans of Ottawa, you may want to turn away. All offseason I've been saying how good of a team Ottawa has, but at this moment, I'm actually convinced they will struggle. First, they lost Lalime to an injury prone Hasek. If Hasek can return to the goalie he was when Detroit won the cup, then great, but since Hasek came back he's either struggled or gotten hurt. If Hasek goes down, the Sens are left with prospect Ray Emery, who has yet to set foot in the NHL. Since the NHL was last played, they've also lost De Vries, Hossa, Bondra and White. They've only got Heatley. Heatley has struggled since he came back, and even TSN says if Ottawa thinks they are getting the Heatley that was MVP of the all-star game a few years ago, they're crazy. Heatley is still one of the best players in the league, but is he better than Hossa? Atlanta is the clear winner of this trade, getting an experienced forward who is consistant, as well as the defensive help this team has always needed.

Well theres my rant, which will end tonights Blog. Nothing else to report, so I'll see you all tomorrow

Two Trades Official

So Ottawa has officially traded Marian Hossa and Greg De Vries to Atlanta for Dany Heatley. I think this trade isn't that great for Ottawa, and Atlanta is the clear winner, In My Opinion.

Mike Leclerc had been traded to Phoenix for a 7th round draft. All for now, more later


From Eklund : Hossa and a top four defenseman (likely Phillips) to Atlanta for Dany Heatley! This is huge, and will be announced very soon according to the big E (not Eric, but Eklund!)

Hossa did sign a new deal today, three years at 6 million a season. Pasi Nurminon has retired due to a knee injury, making Lehtonen the #1 goalie in Atlanta.

Patrick Elias has signed a deal with the Devils worth around 4 million a season. This puts the Devils close to 43 Million. They need to make a deal, and Madden could be the first one to go.

The Phoenix Coyotes are said to be announcing a signing today. At this point we are unsure who that signing will be. Zetterberg to Toronto rumours have picked up. Alexander Steen is said to be involved in this possible deal. This is all for now, more to come later, what a huge trade that would be for both Atlanta and makes a lot of sense, but now Ottawa would have to work out a new deal with Heatley. As a Toronto fan, I'm not liking Ottawa getting Heatley...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Trades Are Coming...

Good evening everybody. Anahiem, Dallas, New Jersey and Colorado are all technically over the cap. Look for Colorado to deal a defenseman or two, same with Anahiem. Dallas is shopping Stu Barnes and Bill Guerin (though his huge salary is pushing most away). Matvichuck and Madden are the two rumoured to be shopped around by New Jersey.

Remember, if you want to get in on that second fantasy league, email me at Everyone who has emailed me, has been sent the information! See you tomorrow, expect an update later in the day.

Selanne A Duck

Teemu Selanne has signed with the Anahiem Mighty Ducks. This now puts Anahiem in the group of teams who are either right around the cap or over the cap. I expect Anahiem to make a trade (Sykora's name is coming up a lot now) over the next few weeks. Note : Just got word that Selanne's deal is only worth 1.64 million. With Selanne gone, Bondra is the only real big UFA left. He should go soon.

According to Eklund, Ottawa and Florida are really deep in discussions in a trade that could possibly send Redden to Florida. I don't know who would go in return, but Bouwmeester would make sense as he wants a bigger deal. However, the problem with that is, Ottawa is dealing Redden to make more cap room, while Bouwmeester would take just as much up. This could be interesting.

Remember, for those who missed the first fantasy league, the second one is now up. For league ID and Password, please email me at More to come later

Once Again, Not Much

Sorry, I was expecting to hear from a good source in time for this blog, but I havn't, so I'll go with what I have. St├ęphane Quintal has retired. Kind of surprising, as I am sure atleast one team in the league would have had some interest in the defenseman. According to, the Vancouver Canucks have interest in defenseman Murray Baron.

Pierre Hedin has rejected the Leafs latest offer, and signed in Russia. This news comes from It is the only source I've seen it on, so it may or may not be 100% accurate. Also, apparently Felix Potvin still wants to remain the NHL. A team like LA could use him, or any other goalie on the market. Colorado is still seeking someone to backup/split time with their #1 as well.

I really expect a lot of RFA shopping to begin. I was looking at the compensation for RFA's, and anything between 1-2 million is only a second round choice. Technically, a team may be able to get a guy like Zetterberg, Bryan Allen, Dick Tarnstrom, Ryan Malone, or Nick Boynton for a second round pick or even less. With training camp only weeks away, I expect atleast anywhere from 2-5 RFA's to get scooped up by other teams in the next week. We may also see some sign and trades with some of the bigger RFAs. Thats all I have for now, expect another update later in the day with more information. Lets hope things pick up

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Wow, It's Really Quiet

Like most weekends of this offseason, it's been quiet. Not a single signing since Friday. I expect things to pick up a little tomorrow. Corey Schwab has retired due to a groin injury. He played last season in New Jersey, and he played in Toronto a few years ago.

The Flames and Islanders are apparently still in discussion about a deal that would send Lydman to NYI in exchange for Mark Parrish. This would be a deal that would help both clubs. Tomorrow morning I am expecting to get some brand new rumours from a good source, so stay tuned for tomorrow mornings update.

Some site news. First, the second fantasy hockey league is up. All who emailed me to get into the second one, have been emailed with the new information. Due to yahoo rules, I have to be in both leagues. I will open the second league up to everyone later in the week. For now, if you did not get into the first fantasy league and would like in the second one, please email me at I am thinking of starting a paypal league, where the pool would cost say 5 or 10 dollars, and the winner of the league would take all. Please leave comments or emails if you are interested in doing something like this. Also, if you would like the blog delivered to your email, sign up in the google groups bar at the bottom. Our mailing list has now topped 100 members! Thats really all I have for now, see you all in the morning!

Super Sunday!

Well, nothing too super about this Sunday, not much to talk about. The Peter Bondra sweepstakes must be close to the end, but teams are making late bids. Atlanta, Philly, Detroit and Washington are still in it, while Chicago, LA and Toronto are all making bids aswell. I still believe Selanne will end up in Montreal, but San Jose and Chicago are also very interested in the winger. Vincent Damphousse is apparently waiting to here back from both Montreal and Pittsburgh.

Scott Lachance could still sign with Toronto, though I am hearing Nashville is also interested. Andy Hilbert has asked to be traded from Boston. For an AHL guy like Hilbert, I don't see him getting a lot of attention. Jay Bouwmeester is seeking a three year deal worth around three million per season. Florida is not prepared to give him that, and would like to sign him to a one year deal, worth 1.5-2 million. Ryan Malone could be traded by the Penguins, and I know a lot of teams would be interested in this young star. Milan Kraft will likely be headed to Russia.

This is pure speculation, but I strongly see Witt going to a team with cap problems. I could see Detroit moving one of Datsyuk or Zetterberg to Washington for a package including Witt. Anahiem and St.Louis are two other teams I see going after Witt. Boston is said to be the front runner, with Toronto also up there. Right now Washington is waiting for an unbelievable offer, but I don't think they'll ever get it. Witt is still atleast another week away from being traded.

I want to thank all those who emailed asking about the second fantasy league. If you want in the second fantasy league, please email us at I want to remind everyone that the draft for the first league is on Sept.1 at 11:30 pm EST. Finally, I want to show you an animation that was sent to me. It was created by someone who views hockey leaks on a daily basis, and thought I would be interested in it. I enjoyed it, and thought I should pass it on till all of you.

Enjoy, and I'll post later if anything comes up. I am hearing the Bondra situation should wrap up in the next 72 hours.

Slow Slow Day

Nothing really in the form of signings or rumours all day. I heard that Toronto and Washington have moved closer in discussions involving Witt, and it could be done sometime this week. I have also heard that Washington is not interested in any of the offers they've recieved from any team. I would seriously put the chances of Witt coming to Toronto at 30%. I know a few sites have that percent higher (one even putting it at 99%), but I don't think it's as close as some people feel it is. I do believe the Leafs will sign Steve Thomas, and are looking to aquire a left winger via trade, but I don't think it will be Tanguay, Drury or Nagy. One of them would be great, I just don't see their teams trading them.

Selanne is apparently in exclusive discussions with Montreal, according to Mojo Radio. I also want to comment on that St.Louis trade I posted this morning. The full deal was said to be Lydman, Phaneuf, Yelle and 1st round draft pick. I got quite a lot of slack for posting it. I post what I hear, for entertainment. If you don't like the rumours I post, don't read the blog. Guys like Cup Crazy and InSutterWeTrust take these rumours like they should be taken. They don't freak out and bash the blog, they simply comment on the likelyhood of the trade. I set this blog up for fun, I make no money on it, and I spend lots of time updating and improving it. I thank you all who come here daily, we get thousands of hits per day. I'm really happy with the site, and always looking to improve it. I'd like everyone's thoughts on the site, and if you have any comments or suggestions please email me with them. I'm thinking of putting a chat room in, and would love your input on that.

Three new links on our side bar. There is one for our fantasy hockey league, which is now full. If you are interested in joining the second one, and did not sign up for the first one, please email me at You will get first access to the second league, whenever it is set up. The other two links will take you to the power rankings and hockey opinions forums. See you all tomorrow

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Some Rumours For You

Hello to everyone. No signings to report, but I do have a few rumours for you. Bob Boughner is apparently on the trading block now that Colorado has eight defenseman that could start. They are also in cap trouble, so Boughner would be a likely candidate to move. The Brendan Witt to Toronto now apparently includes Pilar and Berg for Witt. I don't really see this deal happening, but according to a few sources it is moving towards the final stages.

Rumour also came out this morning that Martin St.Louis could be traded to Calgary for a package including Lydman and Phaneuf. This would make sense as Tampa really needs defense, but I really don't believe this rumour. Tommy Albelin is apparently ready to play in the NHL this season. He retired last summer, but now wants to return. He will speak with the Devils next week, but I don't see them taking him back. They are already over the cap, and still want Stevens if he can return. Peter Bondra could become a Thrasher by Monday. Philly and Washington are still very much in the Bondra hunt as well. With no takers on Felix "the cat" Potvin, he is in negotiations to play in Russia next season. For those wondering, teams have until October 1st to get under the salary cap.

Some hockey sites are reporting that Samsonov is on the trading block. Don't count on him being dealt though, as Boston is really excited to see what he can bring with the new rules. If they can't sign him long term by the trade deadline, then he may be moved, but not if the Bruins are in contention. There are still 5 spots available in our first fantasy league. Check the Off-Topic forum for details. Thats all for now, I'll update if anything happens!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Hello Everyone!

Not too much to talk about today. First, I want to thank everyone who has made this blog what it is. I started it not knowing how well it would do, or how many people would come to it. Now, every rumours site I go on, there are references to our blog and our rumours, and I want to thank all of you for putting our name out there.

Jason Allison signed an Incentive based deal with the Leafs, we all know that. Finally, we know how he can make his full 4.5 million dollars. If Allison scored 70 points, he gets an extra million. If Allison plays 35 games, he gets 222 000. From then on, for each 5 games he plays, he gets another 222 000. This goes right up to 70 games played, where he will earn a total of 2 million. So Allison could make 4.5 million this season, and the Leafs are using this money against their cap. So really, unless making a trade, the Leafs don't have that much money to spend.

Florida, Washington, Philly and Atlanta are all in the Bondra sweepstakes. Don't count surprise offers from San Jose or Phoenix out either. I really believe Selanne will end up in Montreal. As I reported last week, it appears the Coyotes are interested in moving Nagy. Vinny Damphousse could end up in Pittsburgh. Another Toronto trade rumour to report, with this one actually making a little sense to me, as it would help both clubs needs and is almost equal in Cap Value. Toronto would deal Tellqvist, McCabe, Wellwood and a draft pick (likely 1st, maybe 2nd) to Colorado in exchange for Tanguay, Liles and Svatos. Colorado would add the backup goalie they were seekings, as well as some more depth on the blueline, which they are also seeking. Toronto would get some youth, plus the Left Winger they desperatly need. The Brenden Witt trade would also make more sense if this deal went through. Leafs also interested in Drury from Buffalo if the Colorado deal doesnt happen. Again, not that reliable of a source on today's new Leaf rumours, but I figured I'd post them just to get the Leaf Nation excited.

Reports are coming out saying OLN in Canada will not be allowed to broadcast NHL games. Apparently TSN, Sportsnet and CBC would make sure the Canadian version of OLN would not be allowed to broadcast games. This kind of thing just hurts the NHL, and I hope OLN Canada gets NHL games.

Finally, our Fantasy Hockey league has begun. For all information please check out the Off Topic forum. I will be at a wedding tonight, so please check the forums for all the up-to-minute updates. We have great forum members that post all the latest news as it happens, making my life much easier!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

No News Isn't Good News

I really don't have much to say, but because I'm dedicated, I will post an update. Check out the Hockey Opinions forums, three new articles up written by yours truely. Not really articles, but a look at each teams gains, losses and overall performance over the last three-four weeks.

Two goalies found homes today. J.S Aubin signed with the Leafs. He will challenge Tellqvist as Ed Belfour's backup. Dan Cloutier re-signed in Vancouver for two more seasons. Lets get to some rumours! Wait, do I even have any?

Scott Stevens has been cleared to play hockey again, but it is unknown whether he will or not. Toronto is apparently the front-runners for Witt, while Vancouver and Montreal are also interested. Washington apparently has interest in Aki Berg, what a great thing that would be. Low-end prospect or a high draft pick would also be included in this deal. Rumours of Redden leaving Ottawa appear to be false. Both sides have denied it, but you never know in the NHL.

The Islanders have signed defenseman Joel Bouchard. Scott Lachance rumoured to be going to
Vancouver. Dafoe could sign with LA....see you all in the morning

Not Much This Morning...

Slow one so far today. Danius Zubrus has signed a new two year deal with the Washington Capitals. The Caps have apparently also made a contract offer to Peter Bondra. That could be interesting, though at this point in his career you'd have to think he'd be interested in going somewhere where he could have a chance at a Stanley Cup.

Denis Arkhipov will play in Russia this season, leaving another spot on the Pred's line up. This will free up 1.1 million for the Preds to spend elsewhere. I still feel this team needs a big centre to play with Kariya. Remember that big trade involving Vancouver and Florida I mentioned yesterday? Well it's getting warped really bad. New names being included in this blockbuster deal now include Matt Cooke, Jarko Ruutu and Khristian Huselius. Don't expect this one to happen.

Tampa Bay is the latest team to have a cap crisis. Martin St.Louis would need to take only 4 million this season to remain with the Bolts. New York Rangers could offer him an offer sheet in the next few weeks I am hearing if nothing gets sorted out. Brad Richards is in need of a new contract next season, so Tampa has lots of work to do. Thats all for now, more to come later

ESPN Does Not Match Offer

This means Comcast will be the broadcaster of NHL games for the next 2-3 seasons. This is good news for Canadians as they will be able to catch 2 extra games a week on OLN. I still feel ESPN would have been better for the Americans, but hopefully Comcast does a good job with this.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lots Of Stuff Tonight

This could be a long update. First, lets get to some signings. Vancouver did sign Anson Carter to a one year deal. Josef Stumpel shocked a lot of people, and signed with Florida today. It's a two year deal worth 1.75 million a season. Travis Green signed a two year deal with the Bruins.

Though I have heard there is no truth to this rumour, I feel the need to post it anyways. Vancouver would send Jovo, Dan Cloutier and Ryan Kesler to Florida for Luongo and Bouwmeester. Mike Van Ryn has also been rumoured to go to Vancouver as part of this deal. Florida would be getting ripped off in my opinion, and I really don't see this deal happening.

The Wade Redden rumours have heated up. Apparently three teams have added packages to Ottawa for the Defenseman. Rumours have LA offering Visnovsky, Detroit offering Datsyuk and Florida offering Van Ryn. Additional players and picks are also part of each offer.

Selanne and Bondra still linked to Atlanta. Ronning is another name linked to the Thrashers. There is a rumour floating around that the Flames could deal Lydman to the Islanders in exchange for Mark Parrish. Toronto has shown interest in Bondra, though they are are fourth on his list at best. Scott Stevens and Al MacInnis could both play starting in October. It will be interesting to see where they end up.

The deadline for ESPN to match the cable offer is midnight. All signs point to ESPN matching the offer

Mid-Day Update

First, I've been hearing that some browsers have not been showing the link the forums because of the google groups bar at the bottom. I have added a second forum link at the very bottom of the blog to help those who cannot see the first link. The forum URL is

Patrick Marleau has signed a new three year deal worth just over 4 million per season. There is another star player that won't be a UFA next summer. The Kings, Wings and Panthers have all inquired about Wade Redden. The wings would have to deal Datsyuk or Zetterberg to have any shot at Redden. LA is probably the front runner at this point with players like Dustin Brown and Alexander Frolov to deal.

Scott Lachance's agent has denied his client is on the verge of signing with the Maple Leafs. The Leafs are shopping Klee, Kaberle and my favourite player (Aki Berg). Detroit is looking for another defenseman, and Todd Simpson and Brian Marchment are two players they are looking at. Buffalo is also looking to make a trade, but it in unclear who with and for what.

Carter is very likely to sign with Vancouver, but some feel that someone on Carter's end may have leaked this information in hopes of Toronto possibly upping their offer. Stay tuned on this one...

Finally, the US TV deal could be officially announced in the next two days. ESPN is likely to match Comcast's offer, but only time will tell. For those who don't know, Comcast offered the NHL a two year deal worth 100 million dollars to broadcast games, likely on OLN. ESPN has the right to match that offer. More Later...

Carter, Cujo Find Homes

Curtis Joseph is a Coyote. It's a one year deal, and a great pick up for the dogs. Joseph really could make this team a playoff team, and I think the Coyotes will be a fun team to watch this season. Anson Carter is going to sign with the Vancouver Canucks. It will be a one year deal worth 1 million dollars. This will piss a lot of Leaf fans off. According to the Ottawa Sun, Curtis Leschyshyn has signed a one year deal with Colorado.

Not many rumours this morning, but the one I am hearing quite loudly is Selanne joining Koivu in Montreal. I mentioned this a few days ago, and since then I've been hearing it more and more. He's always wanted to play with Koivu, so this could be interesting. I am hearing Mike Dunham linked to LA. The Devils are extremely close to the cap now with the signing of Mogilny, which means Stevens will not be back with the club. If he's healthy, he is, in my opinion, the biggest free agent left on the market. More later...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Whats New?

A kind of busy day today. First, Vinny Lecavalier re-signed in Tampa Bay. I know everyone has been hearing that next years crop of UFA's is going to be amazing, but it's not going to be that great. With all the big names signing long term deals this year, and all the RFA's signing long deals, there isn't much left. Samsonov will be a UFA next summer, but Thorton and Lecavalier won't be available for another 3-4 years. Lecavalier signed a four year deal worth 27.5 million. St.Louis is the next big name Tampa needs to lock up.

Some UFA action happened today as well. Glen Wesley re-signed with Carolina, it's a one year deal worth 1 million dollars. Alexander Mogilny went to the first place I said he would. If you go back and look at a blog I wrote before the lockout even ended, I said him and Joe Nieuwendyk would return to Jersey. Joe Joe didn't, but Almo has. Two year deal worth 3.5 million. It's about time Jersey did something, but Mogilny is a huge risk. He hasn't played his game since his hip surgery.

Curtis Joseph could sign with Phoenix as early as tomorrow. It will be a one year deal, and could be based on incentives. LA really needs a goalie, and with not much left you have to wonder if they're thinking trade. That team has a lot of young talent that they could move to get a guy like Kolzig. Nashville locked up Sullivan for 4 more years today. This is a great move by them, as Sullivan was playing the best hockey of his career last season for the Preds. Kariya will also benefit him. Brian Marchment has held talks with Toronto and Pittsburgh. Handzus to Edmonton is still a possibility. Rumour has Messier signing with Edmonton tomorrow.

The Sens are shopping Redden, but they are in no rush. They are pre-pared to start the season with him if they have to, and will make the best deal they can. Bondra is still linked to Atlanta, but is also apparently gaining lots of attention from Philly. They'd have to make a move to bring him in. Thats all for tonight, more to come tomorrow

Morning News

Good Morning everyone. I'll start with the most shocking rumour of the day. Kris Draper on the trading block? I don't believe it, but the Wings do have a cap problem, and getting rid of Draper would give them almost the 2.5 Zetterberg is seeking. Scott Lachance could become a Maple Leaf as early as today. On our forums a rumour was posted from Spectorshockey that Roenick could end up going back to Philly as the future considerations. I didn't write it here because it is not possible. There is a rule that says once a player is traded, he cannot play for the team that traded him for one calender year. Sorry JR. Petr Skora could be on his way out of Anahiem.

Morozov and Kraft do not have contracts with Pittsburgh yet. Both could be out of Pittsburgh if anyone else is brought in. Josef Stumpel has been rumoured to be going there. The Sabres have shown interest in Anson Carter, he is apparently still talking to Toronto as well. Selanne is looking at St.Louis, Montreal and Atlanta. I think Montreal would be the best place for him to play, they could really benefit from him. According to Eklund, we could see a few big trades happen this week.

According to a Phoenix radio station, the Leafs and Coyotes are talking trade. The rumour would send Nagy to the Leafs for Kaberle, Wellwood and one more prospect. I don;t believe this personally, but you never really know. I thought I'm mention it anyways. He is a LW, so you never know, and if Lachance does come to Toronto, it'd make sense. Detroit is expected to sign a few players today, but only minor leaguers and prospects. Detroit and Ottawa need to solve their cap situation, especially with rumours of Zetterberg and Draper leaving Detroit, and Redden leaving Ottawa. More to come later...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Nightly News

So John Leclair was suppose to sign with Boston or Toronto, and instead joins Pittsburgh. I don't like this move only because Pittsburgh already had the fire power they needed. This team has no defense. Gonchar and Jackman are all offense and no defense, and I don't think Leclair was the right choice here. If I were Pittsburgh I would have made a trade for a defenseman or signed one of the ones still available like Westley, Marchment, Yuskevich or Brown.

Rumour is going around that would send Datsyuk and Legace to Washington in exchange for a group of players, one of them being Kolzig. This deal doesnt make sense to me, as Kolzig is making 5 million a year. There are other goalies available that are as good as Kolzig for a lot less. I would not be surprised if this deal happened, but I highly doubt it will. I really expect Steve Thomas to sign with the Maple Leafs. Stumpy scored 10 goals in about 40 games last year, which would put him at 20 goals for a full season. Thats not bad at all, and he would sign for around league minimum. The Leafs still have money to spend.

Scott Stevens apparently is healthy enough to play, but he is not too sure where he will play. New Jersey has left a spot for him, but some feel he may go elsewhere. Avs fans are very unhappy with their management after the Brad May signing. Brad May is currently being sued by Steve Moore for conspiracy. Toronto radio programs mentioned that the Leafs are close to making a trade, and it could be announced at any time.

New Power Rankings Are Up! Calgary sits at #1, while Buffalo is at #30 for the second straight time. Check them out, and see you all tomorrow!

Nothin Much...

Andy Delmore has signed with the Detroit Red Wings. Rumours still swirling that Bondra will end up with Atlanta and Selanne will end up with St.Louis. Three teams have shown interest in Mogilny more than the others : San Jose, Washington and Florida.

Roman Hamrlik to Calgary is official, look for them to deal Lydman. Belfour is no longer likely to be traded. Manny Fernandez could be traded to Phoenix. Curtis Joseph is also on Phoenix's radar. Korolyuk is apparently not expecting to do well in arbitration. He has signed a one year deal with a Russian club, and says he will only return to the NHL this season if he is dealt to a team willing to make a better offer than San Jose has. This could get interesting.

According to the NHLPA website, Scott Lachance has resigned with Columbus. That is it for right now. is now set up to redirect all traffic to this blog automatically. is our permanent adress. Have a good day everyone

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Good Afternoon!

Hello Hockey Fans. Things really have been slow lately. The biggest signing yesterday was the Isles signing Trent Hunter, who was an RFA. Today may not be any busier. No signings to announce yet, but I do have some rumours.

Roman Chechmanek will not play in the NHL this year. He will play for Karlovy Vary of the Czech league. John Leclair has narrowed his choices down to two. Toronto and Boston are the two teams Leclair wishes to play for. Toronto is badly in need of a left winger to play along Sundin. A line of Leclair - Sundin - Lindros would not be too bad. The Pens, Isles, Bruins, Coyotes, and Panthers are the teams apparently in the Curtis Leschyshyn hunt. GM of the flames Darryl Sutter has denied the fact that he has signed UFA Defenseman Roman Hamrlik. The rumour was that it will be announced Monday, so I guess we will know for sure tomorrow.

From The Toronto Sun : "The Flyers signed Forsberg for $5.7 million US a year. The Leafs signed Lindros, Allison, Jeff O'Neill and Alexander Khavanov for $5.7 million. In 20 words or less, who got the better deal?" Also, Al McInnis and Scott Stevens are still UFA's, anyone want to take a gamble? Some of the other names left in the UFA pool? : Selanne, Bondra, Green, Wesley, Marchment, Perreault, Joseph, Holzinger, Carter, Thomas, Bombardir, Odelein, Mironov, Quintal, Wooley, York, Irbe, Dunham and Leclair. Still lots of talent to go around, but with many teams close to their cap limit, it will be interesting to see how much these players take. It may come down to all of them playing where they want to play, for less money. Colorado and Detroit really need to start making some noise...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Busy Busy...

Hello, sorry for not updating as much, been very busy over the past two days. First off, I have taken back control of For now the plan is to write a re-direct code for that site, that will either automatically transfer this site to the old one, or the old one to this one. I'm not sure which one I'll use, so for now please continue to view this one. The redirect will likely occur tomorrow, nothing will be done today on that front.

Lets talk about some signings. Roman Hamrlik has signed with the Flames. Two years, 3.5 million a season. Though not officially announced, it should be confirmed today. Chris Gratton has signed with the Panthers. It's a one year deal worth 900,000. According the NHLPA website, Viktor Kozlov has signed with New Jersey. I thought he retired, but apparently not. Jiri Slegr has signed a one year deal with Boston.

Brenden Witt and Wade Redden are the two biggest defenseman on the trade market at this point. Toni Lydman is also up for grabs. Steve Thomas could return to the Leafs, as they are in need of a Left Winger to play with Sundin.

Thats all for now, expect an update later tonight. Have a good one everyone

Friday, August 12, 2005

Quick Update

I don't have much time, but here's a quick summarized update:

-The LA Kings have signed Valeri Bure to a one-year deal, and have resigned Jeff Giuliano and George Parros. They have also traded Bryan Muir to the Capitals in exchange for future considerations.

-The Red Wings have signed former Jacket Kent McDonell.

-Calgary has resigned Miikka Kiprusoff and Rhett Warrener.

-The Islanders have signed former 'Cane Allan Rourke.

-Carolina has resigned Erik Cole, Mike Zigomanis and Jesse Boulerice. They have also signed Colin Forbes and Gordie Dwyer.

-The Ducks have resigned Cris Kunitz. They have also signed UFA Travis Moen.

-Columbus has signed Jeff MacMillan.

-The Thrashers have resigned Kevin Doell, Michael Garnett, Kevin Doell, and Stephen Baby.

-Toronto has resigned Clarke Wilm, Nikolai Antropov, Mike Hoffman, and Roman Kukumberg.

-The Pens have resigned Colby Armstrong.

-St. Louis has resigned Trevor Byrne.

-The Sens have resigned Jason Spezza, Antoine Vermette, Chris Neil, Anton Volchenkov, and Christoph Schubert.

-Montreal has resigned Jan Bulis.

-Buffalo has resigned Ryan Miller and Brian Campbell.

Sorry I can't do more, but CJ will be back later and will likely post a more in-depth update.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Nothing At All...

So I watched the Lindros Press Conference while wearing my custom made NYR 3rd Jersey with Lindros on it. Happy moment for a Leaf fan like myself, I really do see him being a good addition to Toronto. Anson Carter may sign tomorrow in Toronto, while another defenseman is definatly being looked at as well. A left winger is needed, with the top two on the market being LeClair and Bondra. Maybe Leclair would like to reunite with the Big E?

Valerie Bure is rumoured to be signing with the Kings tomorrow. Bondra is also a name rumoured to go there. ESPN is expected to match Comcast's TV offer, making ESPN the home of the NHL in the US for the next few years. I think ESPN is better for the coverage from an American's view, but from a Canadians view I was hoping to be able to catch two more NHL games a week on OLN. Luongo has been taken to arbitration by the Panthers, who will sign Mogilny eventually I have been told. I am predicting Luongo recieves 6 million. Korlyuk is the other player taken to arbitration. He'll get 1.5 million from San Jose, which will be high for him considering guys like Lindros and O'Neil signed for that. He's a fast player who will benefit from the new rules.

Thats all for tonight. I will be away for most of tomorrow, but Yick will be around to post some blogs. I don't expect much to happen tomorrow, but you never know.

Lindros, Thorton Sign New Deals

What a slow day. I didn't update sooner because there was very little to say. First, I was to introduce our new Calgary specialist, InSutterWeTrust. Remember, if you are interested in being a specialist please contact me at

So, Eric Lindros is finally a Leaf. He signed a one year deal worth 1.55 million. Next on the Leafs radar appears to be Anson Carter, who could sign tomorrow. The are also looking to deal one of their defensemen. Joe Thorton will remain a Bruin for three more years, making the list of UFA's next summer that much smaller. Thorton signed a three year deal worth 20 million dollars, making the Bruins that much more dangerous. Brad Lukowich signed a two year deal with the Islanders, making them a little stronger.

Alexander Mogilny is saying he'd take a $3 million pay cut to stay in Toronto, but Toronto just isn't interested in him. Mogilny is likely to sign with Florida, but there is no rush from either side. Chris Gratton is in serious discussions with the Rangers. Atleast this year we know the Rangers have no shot at the playoffs. Bryan Smolinski may be dealt by Ottawa, Columbus is said to be interested. Tampa Bay has interest in Jason Wooley. Sergei Federov is being shopped, with Edmonton and Detroit possibilities. Detroit will likely make a trade or two in the next few weeks as they have a cap crisis. More Later

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Not Much Tonight

First I want to remind all our e-mailers that we have a new adress at and Please advise others of this change.

First, Lindros' MRI results have not come in yet, but when they do, and if they are found to be what the Leafs are hoping for, #88 will sign a deal with Toronto. Columbus has dropped out of the Lindros race. Calgary and Florida are both interested but at this point I would say Lindros is a Leaf, 100%. Mikael Samuelsson will sign with Toronto according to a swedish newspaper. This is not confirmed, but JFJ was interested in him a few months ago. Finally on the Leafs front , Howard Berger from the Fan 590 says he has information that the Leafs will add one more "name" defenseman, but at this point we have no idea who that could be. Could be Hamrlik, could be Witt, could be Aki Berg's twin sister.

Marian Hossa wants over 6 million a season to stay in Ottawa. Some reports are saying Detroit is trying to pry Hossa away from them, maybe Datsyuk in return? Detroit is apparently also still interested in adding another goalie and dealing Legace. Robert Esche signed a two year deal with Philly today, no idea on the financial terms. Dan Cloutier signed his qualifying offer today, but the Canucks are still looking around for another goalie. Curtis Joseph's name has flown around Vancouver a lot. Edmonton is another team looking at Cujo.

Finally, be sure to check the forums out! A new fantasy power rankings forum has been added. Yick has put together a power rankings system for each position and gives rankings for over 600 players. A new power rankings will be up by the weekend, as well as another article for Hockey Opinions! See you in the morning, I'll hopefully have a few tips on RFA's tomorrow involving which ones could sign with new teams. We should also finally find out that Lindros is a Maple Leafs. Hamrlik is expected to sign very soon as well...stay tune

Hockey Leaks Has Been Hacked...

Unfortunatly has been taken over and at this point I have no way to get back into it. Our new adress is or I am very sorry for the inconvience. Please tell everyone who doesn't get the email or go to the forums that this is the new adress. Now, onto some rumours and news...

Havlat has re-signed in Ottawa, one year deal worth 2.6 million. Lindros is going through a MRI in Toronto tonight. If it goes well, he is expected to sign with Toronto sometime today or tomorrow. Finally, here is a list of players headed for Arbitration :

Dallas Stars - Brenden Morrow
Edmonton Oilers - Shawn Horcoff
New York Islanders - Trent Hunter, Justin Papineau, Brent Sopel, Mike York
Ottawa Senators - Marian Hossa
Pittsburgh Penguins- Dick Tarnstrom, Josef Melichar
Phoenix Coyotes - Paul Mara
Vancouver Canucks - Mattias Ohlund

Rumours Galore!

Hello! The rumour's were coming in today, and now I will tell you everything I've heard! First, Peter Bondra will likely sign a deal next week. Teams in the running apparently are Detroit, LA, Atlanta and New York (Rangers). I don't expect him to sign with Detroit or Atlanta. If I could guess I'd say LA. Roman Hamrlik is close to a deal somwhere I have been told, but nobody is sure where. Teams he has talked to include Detroit, Vancouver, Calgary, Carolina and Toronto (though in today's paper it said they had not talked to him). Jocelyn Thibault was traded from Chicago to Pittsburgh today. With Pittsburgh finally with a #1 goalie, you have to wonder where Curtis Joseph will end up? Vancouver may still be interested in him, and LA still needs a goalie. Kolzig and Belfour are also #1's on the trading block.Eric Lindros is still asking for more money from everyone he talks to, and his deal with Toronto may fall apart. Lindros is not eligible for a Jason Allison type contract, so what Lindros' base salary is, is all he will get. Columbus is pushing hard for him, and according to several sources, Columbus GM Doug Mclean says the team will soon announce the aquiring of a big centre. When I heard this I thought Lindros, but it is not known whether he will aquire someone by trade or free agency. Remember, they have three good young goalies they are trying to move, and that big centre could come from a deal with them. Anson Carter is in Toronto today for a physical and could sign with the Leafs by Friday. Dave Lewis, former coach of the wings, has been hired by them as a scout. I would have thought he would have looked around for a coaching position, as he had one of the best coaching records during his two years in Detroit.The Washington Capitals have signed Ivan Mejesky and Mathieu Biron. Alexander Mogilny will not return to Toronto. He apparently met with Florida yesterday. The Panthers seem destined to re-make last season's version of the Leafs. Boston seems to be the early front runner of the Brenden Witt sweepstakes. Brian Marchment and Toronto have held discussions, but nothing is likely to happen between the two of them. Vancouver re-signed both Sedins to one year deals today. Just in : Maybe Columbus' centre isn't Lindros? The Blue Jackets have signed Jan Hrdina to a one year deal. There is another player gone from New Jersey.Aki Berg accepted his 1 million + qualifying offer today, making Leaf fans everywhere jump for joy. Thats all for now, more later...


Correct, Burke signed with Tampa, not Pittsburgh. No idea what happened there. Sportsnet along with several blogs and several of my sources were all saying Burke was a Pen, but apparently T-Bay made a better offer in the final minutes, and lured Burke to Florida State. Another goaltending move today : Phillipe Sauve was traded from Colorado to Calgary today. With Burke in Tampa I no longer believe Belfour will be dealt. Still lots of teams with a need for goaltending, but Tampa was the only team with the cap room and need for a goalie like Belfour. I expect Joseph to sign with Pittsburgh in the next 48 hours.Anson Carter and the Toronto Maple Leafs are in serious talks. Carter wants to play with former Boston teammate Jason Allison and JFJ is very interested. Brad Lukowich is close to joining Vancouver. Brenden Witt's name has been thrown around a lot today. Toronto and Calgary are two new teams that have shown interest in the defenseman. Washington apparently is very interested in McCabe. Tampa Bay has signed Rob Dimaio to a two year deal worth 500,000 a season. As first reported by Hockey Leaks, Alexander Khavanov has officially signed a deal with Toronto. It's a one year deal worth 1.25 million. This likely means one of the Leafs defenseman will be I dare pray for Berg? Last leafs thing for today I promise : Lindros has agreed to a deal in principle, still not announced, apparently Columbus has made one last charge, and Lindros is considering it. I'd say 92% that the Big E joins the Leafs by Friday. The Cable Deal with Comcast is done according to several sources. 2 years for $100 million dollars. NHL games will likely be shown on OLN, which is great for Canadians, because not only can we watch hockey on CBC, TSN and Sportsnet, we also get OLN and will be able to watch several US games a week. I'm hoping they cover some of the Leafs games that are shown only on Leafs TV. ESPN could still match this offer, and I would not be surprised if they didThat Luongo for Theodore and Ryder rumour is garbage and will never go anywhere. As earlier reported by our Phoenix Specialist Rick James Dealer, Chris McAllister has signed with the Coyotes. Sportsnet hasn't listed Khavanov or McAllister, they're slow today, especially with messing up the Burke To Tampa thing. There is nothing else for now, I'm gone again tomorrow until around four, but I will be testing tonight and see if I can send out email updates from my phone to those who have signed up for the Email service. If you'd like to sign up for it, scroll down to the bottom of this blog and enter your email adress in the google group box. Check the forums all the breaking news! Tomorrow should be busy.

Signings And Rumours

Eric Lindros has agreed in principle to a new one year deal worth around 1.75 million + bonus' per season. There is a club option for the second year. I expect an official announcement to come later today, or early tomorrow. Leafs also signed prospects Steen and Kronwall. Dean McAmmond has signed a new deal with St.Louis, and Andrew Cassells has signed a one year deal in Washington. Speaking of Washington, defenseman Brenden Witt is asking for a trade. Early reports have the Sabres, Penguins, Habs, Islanders and Wild interested in him. Kolzig could be the next one wanting out of Washington.Sean Burke signed with Pittsburgh today. It's a two year deal worth 1.5 million a season. Just in : a report has come out saying Toronto has signed Alexander Khavanov. No details or confirmation yet. Comcast is expected to offer a two year deal worth 100 million dollars for the NHL's TV rights. This is better than the $75 million dollar deal ESPN turned down. ESPN apparently can match that offer, it will be interesting if we get a bidding war...Tampa Bay is interested in Roman Chechmanek, and have also held discussions with Toronto about Belfour. Another rumour has Belfour going to Detroit in a deal involving Legace. Osgood apparently was signed to be a backup goaltender, but I don't see this deal happening as Detroit has very little cap room. Thats all for now, hopefully some more action happens tonight!