Monday, September 26, 2005

9 Days? Can Yoy Believe It?

No more talking about the lockout. No more mentioning Gary and Bob, or Ted and Bill, or any lawyers, lets just talk about how great the season is going to be.

Jeff Friesen can't be too thrilled about where he's going. Am I the only one who thought Washington was the last place Friesen would go? Don't look now, but Washington looks dangerous, and don't think for a second that thats a joke. Ovechkin, Witt (still...), Kolzig, Zubrus, Friesen...they could do good, they won't, but they could, especially with their division probably the weakest in hockey. Jersey is now under the cap for now, but when Elias comes back they may need to make another move depending on how long he is out.

JR head is hurtin again! Philly got rid of him just in time, though he is not expected to miss a significant amount of time. The King's have had the worst of luck over the last three seasons, and so far it doesn't look like thats going to change for awhile.

Datsyuk officially resigned with Detroit, which we reported a solid week ago. Someone asked me by email today if the Jersey/Washington trade is the only trade we will see before won't be, don't worry. Speaking of email, i have my email fixed on this computer so I will be able to reply faster.

Speaking of email, there are still a few people who payed for the fantasy league and havn't sent me their picks. Please send them to me ASAP. The Power Play League is only $5 US, or $6 CDN, and is going to be great! Join now and recieve a free trade (you get one free, but if you buy now you will get two free trades). Remember, winner gets 80% of the pot, second place gets 15% and third place gets 5% or an autographed hockey card. There will also be random prizes given out throughout the season, so even if your team sucks, you may still win, so join now!

Site will launch this Sunday, Oct. 2! I can't wait! It's looking really good. Reminder to all our writers to send us your articles ASAP. Thats all for now, enjoy the rest of your night, and make sure to stop our newly coloured and designed forums. Comments, Questions or Hockey Pool signups to!