Tuesday, September 20, 2005

a road map to a better season...

yeah... cj, still out of commission...

quick run down of preseason scores.

boston - 0
toronto - 5

ny rangers - 1
ny islanders - 5

tampa - 1
montreal - 6

buffalo - 3
minnesota - 6

edmonton - 4
dallas - 6

and currently, as i write this,
l.a. - 3
phoenix - 1 in the second

note of that game, it is wayne gretzky's first game behind the bench, so, lets see how he fairs. not too well, apparently...

signings to talk about, matt cooke resigned with vancouver today, for 4.6 million, over three years. good news for the 'nucks, as cooke is one helluva pain in the other teams rears.

one of the biggest rfa's remaining, pavel datysuk. well, he resigned today, with them red wings. that's a two year deal, worth 3.8 million. huge signing for the wings. i don't know what to say, that hasn't been said about datysuk, and how important he is to the wings. this leaves kovalchuk as the largest rfa remaining, and those two sides are said to be close.

in injury news, colorado (as well as my fantasy team,) suffered a huge loss today, with milan hejduk undergoing knee surgery. he is expected to be out for up to a month.
in toronto, jason allison sat out tonights preseason tilt against the bruins, with a hip/groin injury. the one, is pretty much because of the other. he says it is nothing serious, however, he needs time off to rest it, and let it heal. good news for leaf nation, since he will be a huge part of the offense, come october 5.

anywho... that's all for now.