Thursday, September 08, 2005

Few Notes To Pass Along

Well I am now pulling a 360 and saying that I strongly believe Datsyuk and Kovalchuk will be on the ice in North America on Oct.5. If they are not, they cannot return. They both have out clause's, kind soon as the NHL season begins, they cannot return, but if they are able to sign with their NHL teams before Oct.5, they can return, which is what we are all hoping for.

Another great NHLer has retired. Al MacInnis, the owner of the hardest slap shot in all of the NHL, has retired. The Blues will definitly miss him. Defenseman James Patrick of the Buffalo Sabres has also called it a career today.

Leaf rumour time! First, still no official word on Czerkawski, if it's not announce tomorrow, it likely isn't done, and may not be done. I'm still hearing he signed a one year deal worth 500,000. Once he arrives in Toronto and passes a physical the deal will be announced. Mike Keane and Steve Thomas have apparently both been invited to Leafs training camp. Keane is a great veteran forward who is very good defensively. Both sides have confirmed that there has been some talk between them. So with all this new offense coming, Toronto obviously has to dump some right? I got emailed a rumour from a reader saying the Leafs were close to dealing Antropov to Anahiem for Keith Carney. In my opinion, it won't happen because Carney would be an extra two million. If Klee or Berg were thrown in, then this deal would definatly become more likely.

The Flyers really looked great yesterday didn't they? They are not as great now, as Darian Hatcher has apparently injured his knee and could miss the start of the season. The extent of the injury should be known tomorrow. All for now, more later if it happens, but don't expect to hear from me until tomorrow