Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Calling It A Career.

Scott Stevens has officially announced his retirement, ending the career of the one of the greatest New Jersey Devils of all time. He was a leader, and definitely a huge part of New Jersey winning all of the cups they have over the last ten years. Vincent Damphousse, who has seen his market value drop severely this offseason, is also expected to retire in the next 24-48 hours. Both guys will be missed, but with the new rules, you have to wonder how much either could contribute out of the locker room.

A few rumours from Eklund tonight. The Minnesota Wild could become major players on the trade market in the next few weeks. It is looking to me like most teams will go into training camp with what they have, and then sign the remaining UFA's and RFA's based on what they need. Friesen still being looked at by Calgary. Ek also mentioned that Zetterberg was looking for a 4 year deal worth 5.5 million a season. That is a lot more money than I heard (2.5 million), so I'm thinking Eklund meant Datsyuk.

Speaking of Datsyuk, and article out of Detroit today said Datsyuk can return to the NHL before Oct.5, but not after, so this Datsyuk situation has less than a month to get resolved. Thats all for now, hopefully I'll have a Q & A for you tomorrow, I should be receiving several in the next 48 hours, but will only post one every 2-3 days so we don't run out of them too quickly. Have a good night everyone.