Friday, September 16, 2005

Finally Some News

Raycroft re-signed in Boston, one year deal. I havn't heard the value of the deal yet. According to Eklund, Keith Tkachuck has been sent home by the Blues because he failed his physical. I thought the physicals were taken much earlier in the week? Ek gave it high credibility, so I believe it. St.Louis takes another hit.

A lot of interest in the pay to play hockey pool I mentioned. We will definatly work on something on that end. Also, how about a Q & A with myself? I get tons of emails each day, with people asking me questions about the NHL and certain rumours. I invite you all to email me with questions on the new rules, teams, players, rumours, etc. I will post all the questions and answers at a later time. You never know, maybe this could be a weekly thing? We'll see how it goes. Tomorrow is the big blue and white game, expect a full report tomorrow night!

Edit : Raycroft's deal is worth 1.3 million