Sunday, September 18, 2005

Technical Problems / Pre-Season Update

My basement is getting re-done and I am unable to use my main computer. The computer I am using now will not allow access to hotmail, so I am unable to check my account. I will only be able to access my hotmail accounts in the afternoon for the next few days. My internet may be disconnected all together for a few days starting tomorrow, so Yick will do the night updates if that happens. I will still be able to update during the day. Sorry for the inconvience, expect the Brophy Q & A tomorrow around 1 EST.

Lets look at some pre-season action. The Sens beat the Leafs 5-2 tonight. Meszaros, Spezza, Fisher, Bochenski and Alfredsson scored for Ottawa, Antropov and Ponikarovsky scored for Toronto. Toronto did win the shootout 2-0, thanks to goals from Sundin and Lindros. I didn't see the game, but I am hearing Steen is really close to being a fulltime member of the Leafs, Thomas may not be so lucky. Kronwall may have an edge over Colaiacovo.

Montreal defeated Atlants 3-2. Ribeiro, Ferland and Hossa scored for Montreal, while Lessard and Slater tallied for the Thrashers. Carey Price stopped 9 of 9 shots he faced. No Bondra, Hossa or Kovalchuk for the Thrashers. Also, have I ever mentioned Lehtonen will be a Calder finalist this year, and probably will win? For other pre-season scores check out the forums.

With my computer problems, the site may be delayed, but it shouldn't be. We are still hoping by a late week/weekend launch. It won't be anything incredibly amazing, but it will be something new. We are still looking for people to write team previews for us, as well as write for the site. Email me at if your interested.