Saturday, September 03, 2005

Absolutly Nothing?

Thats right, I'm gone for a full day, and I come back to nothing...thats how slow of a day it's been. I can tell you a few things I'm still hearing, but nothing huge. With each day that passes, it is looking more and more likely the Oilers will sign Messier.

Jay McKee is apparently going to be dealt by Buffalo due to them not being able to work out a new long term deal. You're going to hear Toronto and Montreal as team's interested, guarenteed. Ilya Kovalchuk rumours are flying around, saying he will either hold out, or be signed by New York. The Rangers would be crazy to sign him, and lose four 1st round picks that will be lottery picks, as the Rangers arn't going anywhere for awhile. Atlanta has a playoff potential team, and will sign him soon, for as much as he wants.

Reminder to all in Fantasy League 2, please post your team in the forums. League 3 Draft goes tomorrow night. Thats all for now, hopefully we'll have something tomorrow...I am hearing Monday could be quite a busy day. for any questions and comments.