Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Training Camp!

Well most all teams have opened camp for the season. I already heard Jason Allison got injured, but from what I am hearing it's false.

Scott Young has signed a one year deal with St.Louis. Still waiting for Peter Bondra to be officially announced, but i'm stil hearing it's a done deal. The deal includes a base salary of just 500,000, but include a lot of possible bonus'. Florida has come to terms with Jay Bouwmeister. One year deal I am hearing. Felix Potvin back to Boston? Looks that way, as Raycroft is nowhere close to a deal with Boston.

The NHL continues to find new ways to make money. The NHL and XM Satelite radio have agreed to a contract that will have XM radio broadcast over 1000 NHL games per season. It's a ten year deal worth 100 million dollars.

I am not liking NHL 2k6. I am hopefully taking it back in the next few days and picking up NHL 2006. If anyone wants it off me, $30 dollars canadian, free shipping to anywhere. That way you atleast save the tax right? Hockeyleaks@hotmail.com if you want it, or if you have any questions or comments. The game is for the PS2. More Later, including my new Power Rankings, which will be up around 10:30 or 11 tonight.