Friday, September 23, 2005

Boys And Girls, I'm Back!

After a week with no home internet, I finally have gotten it back. Who knew finishing my basement would cause so many problems. One problem it has caused is less work being done on the new site, which is very close to being done, and could still launch this weekend, but we are looking into a few new features, which may bump things back to mid-next week. Things you will definatly see is a season preview, rumours, fantasy league info, fantasy league tips, links to online radio stations so you can listen to all the nhl teams live, and quite a bit more. I'm actually really excited about what's coming, and though it's nothing extremely special, it's a move in the right direction.

Rumour time! I got an email with someone close to a Marlies coach. I can't give the name, but the email said that the Leafs are trying hard to make a move. Antropov is not on the block, but McCabe and Klee are. Tucker, Colaiacovo, Steen, and Kronwall are all names that came up in the email. The email said that Steen and Wellwood could both star the season with the Leafs, and I couldn't agree more. Anyone thats even seen highlights would notice how well these two have played. Also, the email did say the Nolan situation is close to being resolved, and if the Leafs are stuck with him, he may be traded instead of being bought out.

Anyways, I must run, i'm gone for a lot of tomorrow, but I'll update as soon as I'm back. Have a good weekend everyone