Friday, September 30, 2005

I Smell Hockey...

Wow, the puck drops in only a few more days, and things are starting to really heat up. One minor trade happened today, as Montreal has traded forward Marcel Hossa to the New York Rangers for forward Garth Murray. Murray will go down to the AHL right away, Hossa will likely start the season with the Rangers.

The news got worst for Detroit today, as Kronwall's injury is much worse than expected. The defenseman will now miss 4-6 months, which is a huge blow to Detroit's D, which is already hurting after losses of Hatcher and Dandenault in the offseason.

Bryan Marchment was apparently not cut by the Maple Leafs, and left camp because of a viral infection. It is expected he will rejoin the team, though it is still unsure if he will make the team.

Wacky rumour by email today. The reader said Ovechkin being sent to Atlanta in return for Kovalchuk and a player to be named later. Thats just crazy...

Thats all I have for now, make sure to join the Power Play Fantasy League, it's going to be great! The radio interview I did last night will likely be posted in here soon, maybe even later tonight. The new site is almost finished and looking great, and will launch this Sunday, October 2nd. Can't Wait! Enjoy your night!