Thursday, September 08, 2005

Quick Update

I am hearing that Kovalchuk's contract may still have an out clause. I was all set to do new power rankings, with Detroit and Atlanta dropping a large amount, but they'll have to wait until this gets settled. I have also heard there are complications in Russia that may have Datsyuk returning to Detroit. So last night we thought two of the best young guns in the NHL were gone, now I am hearing both could sign and be back for training camp next week. This is definatly the situation to watch over the next week.

Sportsnet is now reporting Czerkawski as a Leaf, pending a physical. I was under the impression he had already passed it, but apparently he is on his way to Toronto from Poland, and will take it when he gets there. Jason York has turned down Ottawa's offer. Vancouver, Toronto and Florida are apparently all interested in York, with Florida being the most likely to land him. The Leafs are still in talks with Thomas and Perrault. I can confirm the Leafs have spoken to Perrault lately, but with Czerkawski signed it is unknown if they are still interested. If both Perrault and Thomas sign, the Leafs would likely be done their offseason work. An Edmonton paper has called the Ryan Smyth trade rumours bogus, and it is very unlikely the winger will be traded anywhere. The two sides are working towards a long term deal, but apparently they are likely to settle on a one year deal, making Smyth a UFA next summer.