Thursday, September 01, 2005

Still Nothing...

Now that my head feels much better, I'd love to post some rumours. Unfortunatly, there still isn't much out there. Before I get to what I have found, I want to remind all of you that Fantasy League #1's LIVE DRAFT is tonight at 11:30 PM EST. Try to get there early, it should be fun. Fantasy League #2's draft is tomorrow at 11:30 PM EST, and Fantasy League #3's draft is Sunday at 11:30 PM EST. If you want in league #3, email me at We need many more people, so if you are in the first two leagues, you can join the third. We are always accepting new writers, so email me with a sample of your writing if you are interested.

Ryan Malone has re-signed in Pittsburgh, so you can take him off the trade list. No details of the deal are out yet, other than it's a one year deal. The rumours of Steve Thomas back to Toronto are heating up again. Despite a report out of Detroit, Zetterberg and Datsyuk are both still a ways away from re-signing Detroit. There is a growing fear that Datsyuk will bolt for Russia this season. Thats all I have for now, things remain really dry.

The three Fantasy League forums will be up in the next few hours. The draft order of League one will be posted later today, the draft order of league two will be posted tomorrow, and the draft order for league 3 will be posted Sunday. During/After the draft, it is expected that all teams post their complete rosters in these forums, and the forums will be used for proposed trades. One topic is allowed per team, and trade offers would be made by replying to the team's topic. Obviously, all trades must be made eventually through yahoo, but the forums will make negiotiating easier.

Hopefully I'll have some rumours to post later on today