Friday, September 16, 2005

Fridays Are Always Slow

Nothing interesting has happened today. Mikeal Samuellson is apparently close to signing in Detroit. This is coming from an online swedish paper. Rumour out of Ottawa is that Dany Heatley is not in the greatest of shape. Just a rumour, but if it's true, trading away Hossa and De Vries could prove to be extremely costly. Tampa Bay is looking to add another defenseman. York and Wooley are the two names I've heard the most. Not much left on the blueline as far as UFA's go.

I talked to Yick today about our new site, and it's coming along nicely. I was thinking of an Oct. 5 launch date, but Yick says he should have it ready much sooner. We may have some cool contests at launch, with prizes! Nothing special, but maybe some autographed hockey cards or something. Speaking of winning, with the new site, I'd really love to have a real competitive hockey pool. I was thinking of a pay league where the top three teams would win a % of the pot. Entry fee would be $5 or $10 US, email me at if your interested and want a spot reserved for you. Our Q & A with Mike Brophy is complete, but I am holding off on it, since you all have been blessed with two other Q & A's this week. Monday will likely be the day I post it. I am doing a season preview too, if anyone wants to do a write up previewing a certain team, email me, as we'd love all the help we can get. Anyways, thats all for now, more later