Monday, September 12, 2005

Things Starting To Happen

According my Islander's source, Mark Parrish until midnight to accept a two year offer, which he is expected to decline. This will mark the end of his tenure with the Islanders. Several teams have already expressed interest in him, and the Isles are more than willing to deal him.

Mark Messier has officially retired. I wish he stuck around to play with the Oilers, or even the Rangers. He had a great career, and is another player claimed by the lockout. Rumours have players demanding Linden and Saskin to step down. If this is true, I cannot believe it. Without these two guys, there wouldn't be NHL hockey this season again. Domi, Chelios and Roloson are three guys making more money than they should be, so I dont think they should be complaining. Saskin is the right man for the job.

Florida finally got Jokinen signed. Van Ryn as well. Bouwmeister is the only big name in Florida unsigned. Any one shocked at the lack of Luongo trade rumours? Yanic Perrault has accepted an invitation to the Pred's training camp. He could probably step right in to be their #1 Centre, making Greg Johnson and David Legward useless in my fantasy pools, argh. Eklund is reporting Bondra is a Thrasher, still not official yet.

I got two hockey games lined up already. I will be attending the Leafs Blue vs White game this Saturday, and I will be seeing the Bolts play in Montreal in November. I'll give full reports from all games I attend this season. Crazy Leafs rumour of the day? Antropov, Ponikarovsky, Colaiacovo, Berg and a 1st round pick for either Doan or Gaborik. Take that was the largest grain of salt.

Adam Proteau's Q & A is done, and will be posted around 4 PM EST. All for now, more around 4 PM. for all questions and comments. Thank you for all the emails with news, rumours and your very nice comments!