Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saturday Night Recap

A lot of games last night, so I'll just show the scores. Philly rolled over Atlanta 8-6. Chicago edged Calgary 5-4. Buffalo beat Washington 3-2. Minnesota destroyed Phoenix 7-0 (no, Cujo was not in net), Colorado doubled up Dallas 4-2, and LA defeated Anahiem 4-2. Usually I'll describe the games more, but my mouse batteries are at like 2% and not working well, so to go back and forth from tsn or, it would take an hour, so I'll let you guys check it yourself today.

As we reported on the forums a few days ago, Mikeal Samuellson has signed with the Detroit Red Wings. It's a one year deal. Some big pre-season games tonight! Ottawa and Toronto face off in both of their debuts. Should be a good game, it's on LeafsTV for all those lucky enough to have it (not me). Another game to watch would be LA and San Jose, as both have some great young players. Dallas and Edmonton face off, what a rivalry that was 5 years ago. Montreal and Atlanta should be good as well. Speaking of Montreal, I am no longer seeing them play Tampa in November, instead I am stuck seeing Montreal against Buffalo in Montreal, but it still should be a good game. Kovalchuk, Boynton and Datsyuk are still all unsigned, and their Oct. 5 deadline is coming. Speaking of deadlines, New Jersey is getting closer to their Oct.1st deadline to get under the cap. According to Eklund, something big is in the works there, something much bigger than everyone thinks. Devils and the Sharks is what he is hearing. If I had to guess, Friesen and White to the Sharks would make sense, but I have no idea who NJ would get in return...

The new site should be up by the end of the week, which is pretty exciting. Remember, we are looking for people to write team previews about their favourite teams. We already have a few in, so email me at Also, if you are interested in a pay to play hockey pool that will feature prizes, email me. Finally, don't forget, the Q & A with Mike Brophy will be posted tomorrow! Thats all for now, enjoy whats left of your weekend