Thursday, September 29, 2005


What is with all of these injuries? The game is days away from being back, and we've already lost so many of the NHL's big stars. Wednesday, a day that is suppose to showcase the NHL time, could be without a large number of the NHL's biggest names. Steve Yzerman is the latest Detroit Red Wing who could miss the season opener on Wednesday. Just one day after loosing Kronwall for up to three months, the team announced that Yzerman may not be ready to play by Wednesday due to a groin injury. So far in the new NHL, we've seen a lot of goals, a lot of nice plays, and a lot of injuries. The NHL won't be too fun to watch without it's big stars, so here's wishing guys like Kronwall, Hejduk, JR, Yzerman and Kapanen speedy recoveries.

Earlier today I was interviewed by Blueline Hockey Talk Radio (check out their link under our affiliates section). The interview has lots of information on the Power Play Hockey league (Everyone Join ASAP), the New Site (Oct. 2nd Launch) and my opinions on the new NHL. The interview will likely be available to everyone tomorrow, and I will post a link when I can get one on here. I want to thank Blueline Radio for interviewing me, it was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing more interviews with them as the season goes on.

I still really want more people to join the PowerPlay Fantasy League! It's only $5 US, and it's real easy to play. For more information check the blog archives or email me. Also, with the new site coming, we would love to have more of our readers write columns for us. If you are interested, please email me at!

Apparently the Thrashers have offered Kovalchuk an offer he will not be able to refuse, so don't be surprised to see him re-sign before the end of the weekend. Trade winds are still blowing, and I really hope a few of them take form soon! That's all for tonight, have a good one