Sunday, September 04, 2005

Anything To Report?

Well there are a few rumours floating around this morning. First, according to Eklund there is a rumour involving the Oiler's and the Flyer's, but I don't believe there is much to it. It has Ryan Smyth going to Philly for Umberger and Handzus. I believe Ryan Smyth will re-sign a long term deal with the Oiler's soon, but I do believe Handzus will be dealt at some point.

According to, the Islanders have sent a memo to the other 29 teams asking for offers for Mark Parrish. I know the Coyotes and Wild have been interested, but I expect others to jump into this as well. As a Leaf fan, I'd love to see Parrish in blue and white, but at this point Phoenix and Minnesota are the only two teams I've heard that are seriously interested. The McKee rumours have begun, just like I said they would. Once again, Phoenix is said to be the front-runner, with Toronto, Colorado, Florida and Washington also said to be involved. Apparently Buffalo is trying to package Biron into this deal, which leads me to believe Colorado may win this one, as they still need a backup.

A big Welcome to Gary, our newest Hockey Leaks writer. Reminder : League 3 is FULL and the draft for it goes tonight at 11:30 EST. A fourth league will be announced next week, please don't email me about it until I announce it. for all questions and comments. New site is coming along nicely...more later