Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Early Morning Update

Well it's not too too early, but it's still early enough that I don't have that much info to give. Mariusz Czerkawski is still talking to Toronto, and according to the Toronto Star a one year deal worth 500,000 is being discussed. I expect the Leafs will sign him in the next week or so. Zetterberg isn't going anywhere, as sources have told me that he has re-signed in Detroit. Haven't got exact details of the deal, but I am hearing multi-year deal at 2.5 a season. I expect to have confirmed details when I update around 1 this afternoon.

Thats all for now, but like I said I'll update around 1 this afternoon. If any of you like video games, NHL 2006 and NHL 2K6 are now in stores everywhere, I suggest you pick them up. I will be getting one, maybe we can have an online hockeyleaks league? That'd be fun, email me if you get one and have a network connection. Maybe Prizes? You never know! See you later...