Friday, September 23, 2005

Where's My Internet?

So I was suppose to be back up last night, and I wasn't. Hopefully I'll be back tonight, but no promises. How impressive did the Leafs look last night? Wellwood looks impossible to cut at this point. Colaiacovo will not make the weekend trip, as he has an injured foot after taking a Kaberle shot to the ankle. Today's Leaf rumour has McCabe going to NYI for prospect(s) and pick(s). This makes no sense to me, so don't take it too seriously.

Alexander Semin will not report to Washington's training camp. Thats a big blow for this team, who will battle all season to stay out of 30th place.

I plan on giving my opinion on the new marketing ideas by the NHL, but it will have to wait until my internet is back, which hopefully will be tonight. I will be gone much of tomorrow, but starting Sunday my regular updates will resume. Thats all for now, hopefully I'll talk to you all later. for anything you might want to say!