Sunday, September 25, 2005

To Many Goals? Too Short Of A Shootout?

Yes those are two great questions, and questions I will not answer yet. They will be answered by two articles I am going to write for the new site, which will launch (fingers crossed) in the next 5-7 days. The prototype is up and I did take it for a test spin and really like it. The only thing I don't like so far is the banner we're using, so if you want to create a banner for, do so and email it to me at Speaking of emailing me, thanks to all who joined the fantasy pool. We're not quite at 15 yet, so there are still a few bonus changes available. Make sure to join ASAP! Don't forget the Mike Brophy Q & A will also be part of the site launch. All Hockey Leaks writers please submit your articles to Yick as soon as you can.

I'd love to share some hockey news with you but there isn't that much out there. For all pre-season scores check the newly-designed forums. Goaltender Dan Blackburn has called it a career, due to a shoulder injury that has been bugging him for the last few years. Blackburn was starting to become an elite goalie before his injury, and it's too bad his career has been cut short. He was one of the few good Rangers that they developed themselves.

Another blow to the Flyers today. When Hatcher does return, he will be forced to serve a three game suspension given to him in last years playoffs. He got suspended following a hit on a Calgary player in the 03-04 playoffs. With the NHL Season 10 days away, how are there still talented UFA's available? Orszagh, Audette, Holzinger, Wooley, York (he's in Europe, but has out-clause), and Bombardir are all players that could make an impact. The biggest UFA left in my opinion is Bates Battaglia, this guy could excel in the new NHL.

Why is Witt still a Capital? Will he still be in 10 days? At this point nobody is really sure. New Jersey's clock is ticking, their payroll still isn't getting any smaller. What about Detroit? They had several people attend their camp (Cleary and Murray, among others), if one of them makes it, and gets 450,000, Detroit's over the cap, which leads me to say I expect Detroit to unload a salary. Everyone is saying Schneider, but Detroit's defense really can't take anymore losses.

Hockeyleaks may be on Blueline Hockey Talk Radio this week to discuss the Power Play Fantasy League (Everyone Join Now!) and the new website. Check them out, their link is on our affiliates section. Thats all for now, for everything you need, and to get you even more excited, we will soon be getting a email address...spiffy eh?