Friday, September 09, 2005

Slow Friday

Well I've been trying to track something down today to post on this blog, but there really isn't much out there. A few things have happened in the last half hour or so, so I will quickly give you an update. Kris Beech has been traded for Pittsburgh to Nashville. The Pens will get a conditional pick in 2006 in return.

Jay McKee has accepted his Qualifying Offer with the Sabres, due to the fact they were unable to work out a long term deal, which was both sides goal. McKee is still on the trading block, but will play for the Sabres if no team can make a legit offer. Olli Jokinen is still an RFA, and the Panthers are not giving him the offer he wants. Remember when Florida was a young team with cup dreams? Now they're just some old guys with three young stars who want out of Florida (for those not keeping track, Luongo, Bouwmeister and now Jokinen). Peter Bondra still isn't signed! You'd think teams would want a scoring left winger, but apparently 2 million is too much for a guy like Bondra. Washington apparently will sign him to a one year deal eventually. JUST IN FROM EKLUND - Hatcher will miss 3-6 weeks with his knee injury, while Forsberg is having a minor surgery that will keep him out 2-3 weeks. I believe those times are from now, so Forsberg should be back for start of season, Hatcher is questionable.

Since August 1st, every single weekend has been slow. I expect this weekend to be a little busier, as training camp starts Monday. After a week of training camp, I expect the remaining UFA's to get signed, and I expect the teams that forgot their was a cap (New Jersey) to make their moves.

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