Friday, September 02, 2005

What A Night!

Last night's fantasy draft was lots of fun, and I'm sure tonights will be the same! Remember, League 2's draft is tonight at 11:30 PM EST (if it's like last nights, it'll go to around 1:30 AM EST). If you want to get into one of the final spots for league 3, email me at

Mike Dunham has signed with Atlanta. It's a one year deal worth 750,000. He will probably split time with Lehtonen. Datsyuk has apparently given Detroit a Monday deadline. If he is not signed by Monday, he will go to Russia. We should know where Bondra will be playing today. I will once again say, Steve Thomas to Toronto looks like a lock, but things could still change.

Thats all for now, still pretty slow. For all questions or comments, please email me at More later...