Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wow Hockey Is Great!

Just watched some some pre-season highlights, and wow, hockey is an amazing sport! I am impressed with the new rules, and very excited for the season to begin. A few games are already finished in tonight's pre-season action. The Leafs continue to struggle, loosing 5-2 to the Sabres. Philly beat the Islanders 5-3, and Montreal slipped past Boston 4-3. This is just pre-season, so if your a Leaf's, Bruin's or Isles fan, this means nothing.

http://www.hockeytraderumors.com has a great season preview up, you should all check it out. Speaking of things to check out, I am being interviewed tomorrow by Blueline Hockey Talk Radio, and you will be able to listen to that soon. A link will definitly be posted when the interview is available, which will likely be this weekend.

One thing being discussed will be Hockey Leaks Powerplay Fantasy League. I'm working on some huge prizes that may be available to win, along with the cash, and those who don't sign up will regret it. $5 US, $6 CDN, you can send money via paypal to hockeyleaks@hotmail.com, or email me asking for mailing address if you wish to mail me a cheque or money order.

Did anyone else read the comment Don Cherry made today? Wait a sec, that wasn't Don Cherry, it was Sean Avery making retarded comments again. This time he bashed Denis Gautier because he's french. This all coming after Gautier rocked Avery's teammate Roenick the other night in pre-season action, giving JR his 11th concussion. I think it looks good on JR, but thats just me. I can't wait for the new site so I have a space to voice some of my opinions. Only a few more days till the big launch!

Fantasy tips for you pool junkies. For those that pick players week by week (ex. eklunds fantasy league, sportsnets fantasy league), you may want to stay away from Marian Gaborik. He may miss the start of the season due to a pulled groin. Other guys I'd stay away from week one are Jason Allison, who is likely to play, but won't be effective until he has a few games under his belt, Jeremy Roenick, who could be back by Oct.5, but probably won't be, and Rostislav Klesla, who is expected to be a huge part of Columbus' defense this season, as he has a stress fracture in his right leg. This will keep him out 4-6 weeks.

Thats all for now, JOIN THE POOL. It'll be worth it, trust me. Hockeyleaks@hotmail.com to contact moi.