Sunday, September 11, 2005

Can't Wait Till Oct. 5

Things are so slow right now, it just makes me want Oct. 5 to come even more so we have more to talk about. I just got the Maple Leafs training camp roster. Steve Thomas and Bryan Marchment are both on it, Mike Keane is not. I believe Steve Thomas will make the team, but I don't think Marchment will, or should. If a trade is made, and 1-2 defenseman are dealt for a good left winger, than sure, Marchment could be the 6th-7th defenseman, but the Leafs currently have 7 good defenseman, and that is if Ian White or Brenden Bell don't make the team.

According to Eklund, the Thrashers are closer than ever to signing Kovalchuk. He also says they will follow up that signing by signing Bondra. Things with Washington don't seem to be going well.

Detroit has offered Datsyuk a two year deal worth just under 4 million per season. I can see the final number being 4.5 a season over 2 years. Datsyuk and Kovalchuk are not the only RFA's not signed, there is a pile that are getting close to being considered hold outs. Training camp starts tomorrow, and there a few teams whose playoff hopes rest on the players they are missing. Boston needs RFA's Boynton and Raycroft to sign if they want to compete in the might Northeast. Florida will have no shot at the playoffs if they don't get RFA's Jokinen and Bouwmeister signed. The Islanders still need to sign Parrish, while Pittsburgh still has Orpik and Morozov to deal with.

Dan Cleary has held tryout talks with both Toronto and Detroit. That is all for now, i'll update again later if anything happens. Remember my email is if you have any questions or comments