Wednesday, September 28, 2005

By The Numbers

Some numbers to look at for a second.

4 - The Number Of Days Until The New Website Launches
7- The Number Of Days Until The 05-06 NHL Season Begins
1 million - The Number Of Hits has had!

What an exciting time we are in. I cannot wait to launch the new site this weekend, as I love the fact that hockeyleaks is expanding. When I started this site two three months ago I never thought it would do anything, and now we're about a launch a brand new website for everyone to enjoy. I love the game of hockey, and I cannot wait to see the new product the NHL has for us, it is going to be more exciting than ever before.

One problem we may see with the new NHL is more injuries. A faster game could lead to more physical problems, as getting hit while moving as fast as some of these guys do could have consequences. I feel like each day my main stories are all injuries, and unfortunately today is no different. Doug Weight and Barrett Jackman, two of the only Blues still remaining, are both likely to miss the start of the season. Both will miss 7-14 days with shoulder injuries. St.Louis is definitely aiming for the basement this season.

Detroit's defense used to be amazing, and now it's about par with the rest of the leagues. Things got worse for Detroit's D today, as rookie sensation Niklas Kronwall has injured his knee. No MRI results yet, but I am hearing it could be serious. On a happier note, the Flyers could have both Forsberg and Hatcher back for next week, which they really need as Kapanen won't be back until November.

According to the Big Ek, Nick Boynton has held talks with four NHL clubs. Toronto and Montreal are two he confirmed, I also heard a whisper that San Jose may have some interest as well.

Power Play Pool signups are still being accepted! Remember you can have more than one team, at $5 a team. Only one person has taken advantage of this! for all sign up information! I'm off to do an interview, which could be posted on this site as early as tonight! More Later!