Thursday, September 01, 2005


Someone who has contact with multiple sources within the Islander's Organization has passed on a few rumours to me. First, it appears Mark Parrish could be part of the NHL's first sign and trade. One year deal, and traded to a western team. This source mentioned Phoenix. I have have heard Calgary and Vancouver as well, maybe even a deal involving Matt Cooke. This source also passed on that the Islanders will not be locking up Dipietro long term, or trading him. A two year deal is apparently where this is headed.

An online Polish article has Czerkawski signing with Toronto next week. Because of the Zetterberg article that linked him to Toronto, I advise you all take this with a grain of salt. If it did happen, however, it would not be a surprise as I did hear this rumour about a week back. A member of Eklund's forums has posted that Bouwmeester could end up in Edmonton in a deal that would send Ryan Smyth the other way. Lowe apparently wants Weiss as well. This is just a rumour, and if I was Eklund I would put it at E1.

Both Fantasy League #1's and Fantasy League #2's draft orders are up in the forums. The draft for league #1 is tonight at 11:30 PM. Please make sure to post your team in the forum during/after the draft. If you want in League #3 email me at Also, if you have any insider information, or a hockey player playing in the NHL, AHL or Junior Ranks (CHL, US College, etc) definatly email me. Maybe we can set you up a column on the new site, or post your information on the blog.