Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Look At Whats Coming...

I've received a lot of questions about what the new site will have on it. Before I get into that, I want to make sure everyone knows that this is Yick's project, not mine. He is the webmaster of the new main page, as my web design skills are not that good. I want to thank him for all the time he has put into this website, and you should all thank him yourselves as this new site is great!

So what will the new site have? Obviously the new site will link the blog. Eventually the main page will have the blog built right into the site, but right now we're having too many bugs so we're just linking, but it won't be any different from now. This is also good for the people who just want the blog and not the extra, as they can still go straight to the blog by using the link. The new site will feature columns. At launch, you will be able to read columns written by the hockeyleaks staff, but eventually, we hope to have some bigger names writing for us on a weekly basis. A full Q & A sessions page will be part of the new site. All previous Q & A's will be listed, as well as a brand new Q & A with Hockey News writer Mike Brophy. This is a definite must read!

The Power Rankings may be my favourite section of the new site, as I love to see where people feel each team is ranked. At start, there will be three sets of power rankings. Yick, Ryan and Myself will all have our own power rankings. At a later time, we will open this up to all of our members, and you all will be able to have your own power rankings posted on Another feature the new site will have is a fantasy section. In one section will links to the three yahoo pools we have, as well as a full overview of the Hockeyleaks Power Play Fantasy League (JOIN!!). The other section of the fantasy page will feature fantasy tips, so you can have the advantage in your own fantasy leagues. Expect features like who's hot and cold in the league, and who is on the verge of breaking out, or shutting down.

We understand that not everyone lives in a hockey market. A lot of American readers often email me asking where they can listen to their favorite team. We will have a whole section dedicated to providing you all with links to as many different hockey teams as possible. Thanks to this new section, if you don't have the right channel for a game you want to watch, you can simply go to this page, and quickly find a link to the game you want to listen to. This is one of my favourite features the new site has.

Then, of coarse, we have the forums, which have a new design. The forums have been great for us right from the start. We have had some great discussions, and we have somewhere around 600 members! If you are not already a member of the forums, check them out for sure!

Thats not everything, but thats a big chunk of whats coming. Only a few more days and we can finally launch, I can't wait! With all this cool website talk, who cares about hockey right? Just Kidding...

Niklas Kronwall is out at least 6 weeks with that knee injury I mentioned earlier. The injury is pretty serious, and I wouldn't expect him back until late November, early December. Not someone I'd want on my fantasy team. Eklund posted a rumour earlier that he's heard whispers of Boynton asking to be traded to Toronto. Most Toronto fans missed this news because they were too upset over J.F. Racine being sent down to the minors. I don't believe Boston would trade Boynton to one of their biggest rivals. If it did happen, Boston would get one or two of Steen, Colaiacovo, Stajan and Kronwall, and even JFJ knows thats too much to pay.

Thats all for now! Everyone please sign up for the Fantasy League, I promise you that you will regret it come June when you realize you could have won some awesome cash and some great prizes!