Friday, September 02, 2005

Few Things Before Bed..

Well I'm not sleeping for awhile, I'll be in the league 2 draft tonight, so if any of you have any questions while drafting, just shoot. Just a few rumours tonight...

Yashin will be named the Islanders captain soon. Parrish's name continues to come up, still hearing he's off to Phoenix. Paul Mara's name has come up. Also, the DiPietro situation is heading in a positive direction and he should be signed soon. All these Islanders rumours coming from a source with contacts in the organization.

A rumour has Ryan Smyth signing a three year deal with Edmonton on Monday. It apparently will be worth 11 million dollars. This isn't fact, just a rumour. The same source has Edmonton still in talks with New Jersey involving Kozlov.

As we reported earlier, Theodore re-signed with Montreal. I can now confirm it is a three year deal worth 16 million dollars. I still believe Mark Messier will return to Edmonton and play one more season. Scott Stevens and Al MacInnis, however, could be heading towards retirement. If they do retire, I am hearing both will coach somewhere, whether it is as an Assistant in their current organizations, or a coach for a minor league team. Steve Thomas is practicing with the Leafs, which is just another sign that he'll likely be signed by the club.

All for now, and that should be all for tonight. If something breaks, I'll post it