Friday, October 28, 2005

Apologizing In Advance!

There will be no blog tonight or tomorrow afternoon, so after this you have to wait until tomorrow night! I'm sorry, but I will not be home at all in the next day. Tonight's game of the night is definitely Philly at Carolina. The Hurricanes have really been on a roll lately, and Martin Gerber has been great in his return.

Dick Tarnstrom is out indefinitely after suffering a torn MCL ligament in last night's 7-5 win over Atlanta. This is a huge blow to Pittsburgh's already terrible defense. At least Gonchar and Jackman have started scoring, making Pittsburgh's defense have some purpose. Does anyone remember Donald Audette? Apparently Boston and Toronto are showing interested in the free agent forward. I don't believe Toronto will sign him, as they already have too many forwards. Who do the Leafs send down when Antropov and Sundin come back? I could see Boston signing him, as Audette could still contribute.

Atlanta is currently over the cap, so look for something to happen there soon. I read a rumour today that Comrie may be traded to Pittsburgh, but trust me, that won't happen. Comrie is playing great, and Pittsburgh doesn't need another big name. Dagenais' time in Montreal could soon be over. He has only played in six of Montreal's ten games, being a healthy scratch in the other four games. He could be sent down, but they would have to pay him in full because he is only on an NHL contract. Apparently there is not much interest in him, so Montreal may be stuck.

Speaking of Montreal, I will be in Montreal next weekend, so Yick will be doing the blog while I am away (unless the hotel I am staying at has internet access, I'm keeping my fingers crossed). I will be going to the Sabres/Habs game next Saturday, which will be my first regular season NHL game in the "new" era, so I'll post a full report. I'm thinking of wearing my Eric Lindros jersey...

We are looking for new writers, so if you are interested in writing for us, and getting your work on a page with over a million hits, email me at is our web address, so check it out. I've been super busy, expect my new Power Rankings no later than Sunday. I'll try to get them up tomorrow around 6 or 7. Enjoy your Halloween Weekend!