Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Good Morning Hockey Fans!

It's a real nice day in my area today, doesn't feel like Fall at all. What it does feel like, however, if hockey season! Never have I been more excited about return of NHL hockey, as with all these new players and new rules we all really do have a lot to look forward to. Before I jump into some hockey news, I want to remind all Powerplay Fantasy Leaguers that your 10 picks must be in by Noon EST tomorrow! Payments are preferred by then as well, but if your picks are not in to us by Noon Eastern Time tomorrow, you cannot be in the pool. You have until Oct.31 to send the payment to me, if I do not have a cheque, money order or paypal receipt in my hand by Oct.31 your team will be removed. A lot of last minute sign ups have already happened, and I expect a few more to join by tomorrow's deadline. Email me at cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com for any extra information you may need (like where to send the cheque/money order/paypal payment)

Ok Hockey Time! Rem Murray was cut by the Wings yesterday. I really expected him to make it, but Detroit really didn't have any room for him under the new cap rules. I am hearing Minnesota has some interest in him, so Murray may still have a shot at playing NHL hockey this season. Minnesota may also be interested in acquiring Marty Reasoner from Edmonton. Both these rumours come after the news that the Wild have lost forward Mikko Koivu for 2-4 weeks with a knee injury.

A few other cuts to tell you about. Montreal has cut Ron Hainsey, while the Wings also cut Dan LaCouture and Blake Sloan and Vancouver released Jason Doig. I also forgot to announce on yesterday's blog that Curtis Leschyshyn has retired from the NHL after struggling through Colorado's training camp.

We all know Tampa has a problem on their hands, with Vinny and Marty signing huge deals, and Brad Richards needing a new contract for next season. Tampa will struggle to find money for Richards, which will lead to everyone throwing around Brad Richards' trade rumours. Today's comes from Eklund, who apparently is hearing that Brad Richards could be on his way to the Rangers sometime this season in exchange for Lundqvist and a lot more. Remember, the Rangers have pretty solid, young goaltending, with Lundqvist, Weekes and Montoya all in their organization. As I said to Yick earlier this morning, can you imagine a Straka - Richards - Jagr line? That could be pretty impressive.

Just got word that J.S Aubin has been sent to the Marlies, making Mikeal Tellqvist the backup goalie in Toronto. Also getting word that Carlo Colaiacovo and Steffan Kronwall have been re-called by the Leafs, likely meaning that Berg and Belak will not be healthy enough to play in tomorrow night's opener against the Sens. Remember, teams have until 3 pm EST today to submit their final rosters. I will try to update the blog around 3:30 with some final notes about who stayed and who went around the NHL. Thats all for now, remember to check out the new site at http://www.hockeyleaks.com