Sunday, October 02, 2005

Well, how's It Look?

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Before I get into hockey, I just want to talk quickly about myself and Yick's day at the blue jays game. We had Platinum Plus seats, which means free food, programs, etc. We were right beside the Kansas dugout, and Mike Sweeny came up and talked to me. He said if I got him a free hotdog, he'd give me an autographed ball. I got him the hotdog, but he didn't take it because they were now loosing, and if he was eating a hotdog while they were loosing it would look bad. He still gave me the ball, so it was pretty cool. Good day overall.

Ok, hockey news! Shock of the day : Montreal sent Latendresse back to junior. I was hearing all week that he was going to make the club, but I guess he will have to wait until next season. I was also surprised to see Patrick O'Sullivan sent down by Minnesota, as I thought for sure he'd make that team, which needs all the offense they can get. The Toronto Maple Leafs AHL team, The Toronto Marlies, have signed Bates Battaglia to a 25-game tryout. If he plays well in those 25 games, he will be signed to a full contract, and will make him eligible to be sent up to the Leafs. Battaglia is one of the players I thought would excel with the new rules, and I almost guarantee you he will play for the Leafs sometime this season.

Kolanos is apparently going to Minnesota, this coming from Eklund. Other Coyotes' on the trading block are Brad Ference and Jeff Taffe. For Leaf's fans, I am hearing the Leaf's will not make their final roster decisions until Tuesday. Don't expect Boynton to be signed by Wednesday, even if the two sides are only 150,000 bucks away from each other. The biggest mystery is Kovalchuk. If Atlanta doesn't sign him, the Thrashers won't have a shot at the playoffs.

Finally, a few more sign ups for the Power Play Fantasy League today, there is still time to submit your team! 6 forwards and 4 defensemen are all you have to email to me. Payments should be sent to if paying by paypal. If paying by cheque or money order, please email me for more information. Thanks and have a good day, and if Mike Sweeney reads, thanks for the ball!