Monday, October 03, 2005

Some More Cool News

First I want to thank everyone for joining the fantasy league, we've had a lot of new members join in the last 24 hours. I don't know why I'm thanking you actually, since I've actually lost a bit of money from this (damn paypal and them taking a %, which is why I prefer cheques, but paypal is still fine). Remember, picks must be submitted by Oct.5 at Noon. When sending a cheque, please make it out to Corey Johnson. For my address please email me. The winnings pool continues to grow, so keep joining, still time left!!

Gilbert Brule is officially a Columbus Blue Jacket, and will start the season with the big club. Montreal is going to regret taking Price over him all season long, believe me, this kid has some magic. For our Yahoo Fantasy League players, rush out and grab Yanic Perrault! He's been signed by the Predators after an impressive training camp. Greg Johnson's fantasy value just dropped, and I have him in two of the three yahoo leagues. He'll be available as soon as I finish this blog ;).

Colaiacovo and Kronwall may be back with the Leafs sooner than we thought. Aki Berg left today's practice with a rib injury, though the severity is not yet known. Belak also didn't practice because of a foot injury. Klee is getting closer to return, and could play Saturday against Montreal. Wow it feels great to talk about the regular season doesn't it?

Our most popular feature on the new site so far has been the power rankings. I want to comment on a few other sites power rankings for a second. First, Damien Cox's power rankings are the worst I've ever seen. He had Phoenix 28th, Buffalo 14th, Toronto 18th, and Montreal 6th. I also disagree strongly with Atlanta 24th. TSN's power rankings are much better, the only things I completely can argue with are Columbus at 29th, and LA at 15th. The one thing all three of our power rankings have in common? Ottawa is the best team in the league at this moment. How I would love to see Toronto do some damage against Hasek on Wednesday...

It looks like Nick Boynton and Ilya Kovalchuk will both miss the start of the season. I expect Kovalchuk to sign in the next week, as him and Waddell will meet this week in hopes of getting something done. At this point, things look terrible for the Bruins and Boynton, but when I said that about Raycroft, they had a deal the next day.

For all our Canadian fans, in case you haven't heard, the CBC strike ended today, so Hockey Night In Canada will be back in full force this Saturday. I also got a lot of positive feedback from the interview I did with Blueline. The full Friday show, including the 10 minute call in I did and the full interview from Thursday, will be posted on the media section at later tonight or tomorrow.

16 months without hockey? How did we all survive? All the pain is about to end, NHL IS BACK! Wow I love saying that...