Friday, October 21, 2005

Colorado Snaps In Hejduk's return!

I know I usually start with the games that are already finished, but wow, Colorado currently leads the Oilers 7-1 with ten minutes left in the third. Liles and Turgeon and Hejduk (yes, he's back!) each have three points, while Blake and Brisbois each have two points. Moreau has the only Oiler goal.

Columbus finally looked good, beating the Sharks 4-1. Nabokov left the game with an injury that could be pretty severe. We'll keep you updated. Chimera led the way for the Blue Jackets with two goals, while Foote and Vyborny also scored for the Jackets. Scott Thornton had San Jose's lone goal.

Ottawa improved to 6-0, beating the Lightning 4-1. Heatley, Shaeffer and Neil all had two points. The Wings got win number seven tonight, beating the Ducks 3-2. Wooley had two assists for the Wings, while Samuellson scored his sixth goal of the season. Selanne continued to play well, scoring the Duck's first goal. Getzlaf had the other Duck goal. Giguere missed this one with a groin injury, and is listed as Day to Day.

Trade rumours? I have a few for you. The rumour came up today that Havlat might be traded by Ottawa, and it is a possibility. Though most would assume he would be traded to the west, the most likely destination may be Carolina. Erik Cole would be involved. St.Louis is another possibility, with Brewer or Jackman being part of a deal.

Antropov for Witt is being thrown around a lot, and it's not that far-fetched. Do I think it will happen? Not really, but don't throw the idea away just yet. I am hearing Boston really wants Witt as well.

I was reading today and noticed something about the Pens, and how Olczyk may be fired. I said the same thing to Yick today, and I believe it's just a matter of time. With that much talent, something is wrong with Pittsburgh.

7-1 Final now in Edmonton. The HockeyLeaks Player Of The Night Is...Milan Hejduk! He returns from injury and sparks a fire in Colorado. He earns himself three points along the way! Thats all for now, email me at for all questions. Enjoy your night!