Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Thats One Crowded Net In Buffalo

We've heard for months that Buffalo has too many goalies, and that one of Brian, Miller and Noranen would have to be traded. Buffalo apparently has made a mistake, and instead of getting rid of a goalie, they added one. Thats right, Buffalo has aquired Mikeal Leighton from Chicago for Milan Bartovich. So Buffalo now has four NHL ready goalies to deal with, does anything make sense anymore?

Leafs sent Colaiacovo and Kronwall back down to the AHL, as well as Kyle Wellwood and J.S Aubin. A lot of waiver action today...Brent Johnson was stolen from Vancouver by Washington, Andy Delmore was picked up by Columbus, and Randy Robataille was picked up by Minnesota.

Another injury in the "New NHL". Ladislav Nagy will miss tomorrow's game, and a few others with a shoulder injury. I have no idea how serious the injury is. Anthony Stewart got sent down by Florida today, I really think Stewart could be a solid NHLer if he was given a chance. I hope he gets a shot sooner rather than later.

One Last Reminder : You have until Noon tomorrow to send me your 10 players. If you have any questions email me at cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com. Please send me your 6 forwards and 4 defensemen even if your not 100% sure your going to join, as no sign ups are permitted after noon EST tomorrow! Have a good night everyone