Monday, October 10, 2005

Why I Love The New NHL...

If you like fantasy leagues, you love the new NHL. With all the points being scored, it's going to be fun to watch this season's point race. Every game you watch, there's a good chance you are going to see at least six goals. Look at all the players playing over a point a game hockey, it's great, and it makes the NHL really fun to watch. The NHL was looking to bring new fans to the game, and I think everyone who watches a game will be tempted to watch another.

So what happened tonight? Thrilling game in Ottawa just ended, the Sens beat the Leafs 6-5 in a shootout. Heatley scored the only shootout goal. Leafs trailed 4-2 after two, but came back and went up 5-4 before Ottawa tied it up at 5's, forcing overtime. McCabe had a goal and two assists, while Kaberle added 3 assists. Spezza led the way for Ottawa with a goal and two assists.

The Leafs are not the only winless team in the NHL. Pittsburgh got their third OT loss of the season tonight, this time against Buffalo. Final score was 3-2 for the Sabres. Palffy led the way for the Pens with a goal and an assist, while Lydman was Buffalo's top scorer with two assists. Boston just wrapped up a game in Tampa, winning 4-2. Isbister and Bergeron both had two points for Boston.

Vancouver ended Detroit's winning streak, beating them 4-2. Henrik Sedin led the way with a goal and two assists. Samuellson continued to show Detroit fans that he belongs, scoring his fourth goal of the season. Two afternoon games today...Florida beat the Islanders 3-1, and Washington beat the Rangers 3-2. Ovechkin got the game winner in that one.

One game is going on right now, as Colorado leads Calgary 3-0 in the second. Wolski and Svatos each have a goal and an assist. The young stars are leading the way for the Avs early on this season. Edmonton and Anaheim is just about to get started.

Some big games to watch tomorrow night, so make sure your home. The Leafs are at home to face the Flyers (O'Neill expected to be in the lineup). Montreal and Ottawa play tomorrow night, where one of them will pick up their first loss of the season. Another game to watch will be Phoenix and Dallas, though Phoenix is without both Boucher and Joseph, so they could be in for a rough week. My email address is, so email me if you have anything to add, we are always look for new writers and new opinions. Http:// is our website, so make sure to check it out!