Saturday, October 01, 2005

Race To The Finish...

The site will be up in less than 24 hours, how exciting is that! Both myself and Yick are racing to the finish so we can get this done, and our deadline is 5 PM today, so not much time left! The server will be switched over at midnight tonight, but it may not take effect until noon tomorrow, but it could be sooner! I am really excited about the new site, it's going to be great.

Did everyone listen to last night's Blue Line Radio Show? Not only was my interview played, I also called in and talked to Millian for another 5-10 minutes. Links to both the interview and last nights show will be available on the new site!

Some hockey news to talk about. Teams are starting to cut their rosters down. M.A. Fleury was sent down by the Pens today, which I found a bit surprising, as I thought he would be the backup for sure, but I guess the Penguins want him playing every night, so what better way to do that than to send him down to the AHL. Yesterday Toronto sent Brad Brown and Marc Moro to the AHL, but still have a lot of cuts to make. The roster is down to 29, so we will see 6 or so more cuts from Toronto by the end of the weekend. Good news coming from Toronto today, as I am hearing both Jason Allison and Eric Lindros will be in the line up tonight aghast Detroit.

Why aren't Boynton and Kovalchuk dealt with yet? Both are huge players for the NHL and both of their teams would love to have them back. Both have been given decent offers, and I expect both will be on the ice on Oct.5. Kovalchuk is more likely than Boynton though, and Boynton may have already played his last game in Boston. Why is Witt still in Washington? Maybe the big Jeff Friesen trade has made him happy enough to stay. I wouldn't mind playing in Washington, as Ovechkin could make anyone a star. This kid is amazing, and will be a finalist for the Calder.

Still a few days to join the Power Play Fantasy League! Lots of cash and prizes up for grabs, and it's only $5 to enter! Email me if you want to find out more, remember, if you are sending a cheque or money order, as long as I have your picks by October 5th at noon, you are fine. If you money is not in my hand by Oct.31, then you will be removed from the pool. Where should you email me? is my new email address, so everyone please send me some emails and say hi, as my inbox is looking pretty empty, compared the hundreds of emails I have at the old hockeyleaks address. Thats all for now, enjoy your afternoon.