Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Promise Is A Promise

I promised to do an update around 3:30 with some updates, but I have no solid information yet on who made the final rosters, so hopefully I'll be able to post that later on tonight. One thing I did see was that Columbus has picked up Andy Delmore off waivers from Detroit. First of all, why did Detroit not keep this guy? They are already struggling on defense, with an injury to Kronwall and a few big losses over the summer, and Delmore is only two seasons removed from really solid numbers. I think Columbus really picked up a steal today, and their blueline is going to be very solid this season.

Chicago has a few injury problems already. Martin Lapointe and Jaroslav Spacek will both miss Wednesday's opener because of injury. Neither injury is serious, and both should be back within a week or so. One injury that didn't surprise me at all is the one suffered by Alexander Mogilny. A hip flexor will keep him out of the Devil's opener tomorrow night against New Jersey. I can't wait to see how the offense juggernaut that is the Penguins perform against Marty Brodeur. I pick New Jersey to win that game, by the way.

If you like to guess on who will win games, check out the forums as we have a cool new game predictions game, run by Cdog77. Each night you pick who will win out of all the games, and you try and finish the season with the best record. For more information check out the forums. Less than 24 hours to join the Powerplay Fantasy League! Email me at cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com. Finally, Jeff Marek of Mojo Radio is going to do a Q & A with us, so email me with any questions that you may have for him. Have a good night everyone, I'll post something around 10:30ish.